Debt Management Plan

Best Debt Management Services for Achieving Financial Stability

Debt management techniques and services help individuals and businesses optimize their debt liabilities. It can include budgeting, educating on finances, and restructuring existing debt to make it easier to repay. Debt management services aim to reduce the amount of debt, its interest and generally contribute to financial stability.


Eicra is truly a market leader in complete debt management in Bangladesh. Our approach is custom to each client’s unique financial circumstances and objectives. Offering debt consultations on a personal level, financial analysis in detail, and strategies for reducing high-interest debt.


We are a reliable partner for financial health. Besides, we are excellent at helping our customers explore options for consolidating high-interest debts to reduce the monthly payment amount and total interest cost. By working with us, every customer is promised to reach financial stability with expert advice and a complete way forward.

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Pros and Cons of Choosing Eicra for Debt Management Services

Benefits Of Category Management

1. Pros of Choosing Eicra for Debt Management Plans

We ensure clients adhere to necessary regulations and manage risks appropriately. It involves periodic monitoring, detailed financial planning, and risk assessment to outline possible pitfalls. Eicra helps clients plan and strategize how to manage and reduce debt effectively. Here are the advantages:

1. Personalized Debt Consultations:
We offer customized consultations about the financial situation of every client. It is in the best interest of every individual to have a debt management plan.

2. In-Depth Financial Analysis:
Our experts provide thorough financial analyses to understand your fiscal health and the best ways to manage and reduce your debt.

3. High-Interest Debt Reduction Strategies:
Eicra specializes in helping clients reduce high-interest debt to significant savings on monthly payments and overall interest costs.

4. Improved Financial Stability:
By following Eicra’s debt management strategies, clients can achieve better financial stability and a clearer path to being debt-free.

Category Management Services

2. Cons of Not Choosing Eicra for Debt Management Services

The decision not to use Eicra for debt management services will come with some major downsides.

1. Lack of Personalized Solutions:
Without Eicra's custom consultations, individuals may receive generic advice that does not effectively address their unique financial situations.

2. Inadequate Financial Analysis:
Absence of thorough financial analysis, individuals may not fully understand their debt problems or the best ways to tackle them.

3. Missed High-Interest Debt Reduction Opportunities:
Lacking strategies, clients may struggle to identify and implement efficient methods for reducing high-interest debt.

4. Reduced Financial Stability:
Excluding Eicra’s proven strategies, individuals may find it more challenging to achieve long-term financial stability and may remain in debt for long.

Top-Rated Debt Management Plans and Solutions by Eicra

Our Top-Rated Debt Management Solutions are designed for diversity, serving up individual strategies that work toward easing debt. Through these holistic solutions, it becomes easy for a client to save extensively, have better financial & account stability, and have a clearer roadmap to debt-free living.

  • Category Management Market Research
    1. Debt Consolidation Loans

    This service allows clients to combine multiple debts into a single loan with a lower interest rate, making monthly payments more manageable and reducing overall interest.

  • Category Management Planning
    2. Credit Counseling & Budgeting

    Our certified counselors provide advice on budgeting, managing debts, and improving credit scores. We empower clients with the knowledge for long-term financial health.

  • Contact Management Services
    3. Debt Negotiation and Settlement

    We negotiate with creditors on behalf of our clients to reduce the total amount of debt owed. Eicra offers a viable solution for those struggling with large amounts of unsecured debt.

  • Category Management Performance
    4. Debt Management Plans (DMPs)

    These plans involve negotiating lower interest rates and monthly payments with creditors, helping clients pay off their debts more affordably over a set period.

  • Category Spend Management
    5. Bankruptcy Counseling

    For clients considering bankruptcy, we provide pre-filing counseling to explore all available options and post-filing education to help them rebuild credit and financial stability.

  • Category management Saving & Compliance Services
    6. Student Loan Solutions

    We offer strategies for managing and reducing student loan debt, including loan consolidation, income-driven repayment plans, and forgiveness programs.

  • Management Continuous Improvement Services
    7. Credit Report Review and Repair

    Our team assists clients in reviewing their credit reports, identifying inaccuracies, and disputing errors to improve their credit scores and financial standing.

  • Category Management Other Services in procurement
    8. Budgeting Assistance & Plan

    We help clients create realistic and sustainable budgets that align with their financial goals. Besides, we also ensure they have a clear plan to manage income and expenses.

  • Category Spend Management
    9. Foreclosure Prevention

    For homeowners facing foreclosure, we offer counseling and support services to explore alternatives such as loan modification, and forbearance to prevent the loss.

  • Category management Saving & Compliance Services
    10. Financial Education Workshops

    Eicra conducts workshops covering a range of topics, from basic financial literacy to advanced debt management strategies, providing valuable knowledge to help clients.

  • Management Continuous Improvement Services
    11. Emergency Financial Assistance

    In times of financial crisis, we provide emergency funding options and support to help clients manage unexpected expenses. We aid them so that they don't fall deep into debt.

  • Category Management Other Services in procurement
    12. Small Business Debt Management

    For entrepreneurs and small business owners, we offer specialized services tailored to managing business debts. Which improves cash flow, and ensures long-term success.

Effective Debt Management Strategies for Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom requires a strategic approach, security vigilance, and carefully planned steps toward reducing debt and managing finances effectively. At Eicra, we provide a variety of strategies to support our clients in their journey toward lasting financial stability and independence.

Here are 12 effective debt management strategies we implement for our clients:

  1. Reviews of clients’ situations to develop debt management plans.
  2. Reforming debts to reduce interest rates and monthly payments.
  3. Merging multiple debts into a single loan to simplify payments.
  4. Working with creditors to settle debts for less than the total amount.
  5. Offering advice and tools like a debt calculator to help clients.
  6. Assisting clients in creating and maintaining effective budgets.

7. Enrolling clients in programs designed to reduce overall debt.

8. Providing workshops to enhance clients’ understanding of money.

9. Review clients’ financial status to ensure they stay on track.

10. Offering assistance during crises to prevent additional debt.

11. Assisting homeowners with strategies to prevent foreclosure.

12. Providing strategies to help small businesses manage debt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Debts Can You Include in a Debt Management Plan?

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) typically cover unsecured debts, such as credit card debts, personal loans, medical bills, and payday loans. Secured debts like mortgages and car loans are usually not included, as they are tied to collateral. However, each situation is unique, and it’s essential to consult with a professional to determine which debts can be included in your DMP.

What is a Debt Management Program?

A Debt Management Program (DMP) is a structured repayment plan set up by credit counseling agencies to help individuals manage and pay off their debts. In a DMP, the agency negotiates with creditors to lower interest rates and monthly payments and secure multiple debts into a single, manageable monthly payment. The goal is to make it easier for the individual to repay their debts within a specified timeframe, typically 3-5 years.

What's the Best Debt Management Company in Bangladesh?

The best debt management company is chosen based on factors like reputation, services offered, fees, and customer reviews. Companies like Eicra, known for comprehensive services like personalized debt management plans, credit counseling, and education workshops, are worth considering. Always research and compare to find the one that suits your financial needs best.

What Are the Bangladeshi Laws Regarding Debt Management?

In Bangladesh, debt management and recovery are governed by laws like the Artha Rin Adalat Ain (Money Loan Court Act) 2003, which details procedures for loan recovery. The Bangladesh Bank also issues guidelines for financial institutions on debt management and reporting. Being aware of these laws is crucial for effective debt management. At Eicra, we comply with all Bangladeshi laws and provide top services to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Take control of your finances today—enroll in our Debt Management Plan and start your journey to financial freedom!