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World-Class Recruitment Consultant takes the responsibilities and all the hassles related to tasks for Remote Recruitment of your company. We recruit in national boundaries for exceptional remote talent hat matches with your companys goal, core values and culture.


Our company has proven its expertise in the field of remote hiring or virtual staffing services. We help our clients to hire impactful candidates So that they can make positive changes or differences in their business. There are countless jobseekers for one position and thus make the recruitment process harder and lengthy. That is where our service brings the uniqueness! Our value added service team is continuously working using the lean six sigma tool to reduce the waste of time in this remote recruitment process. Our team is working from posting the job opening to scrutiny the profiles, interacting with them, setting up the first interview, returning with the updates, selecting the top applicants and so on. In this process, our aim is to select best candidate using streamlined hiring process that is tried and tested for over the years. Moreover this system has evolved to meet the demand of our vast variety of customers in different sectors.

Staffs Background Check

Employee Background Checks

  • Employment background screening
  • Criminal background screening
  • Universal background checks
  • Address and Reference checks
  • E-Verify background screening
  • Fingerprint background checks
  • International background checks
  • Credit background checks
  • Personal background checks
  • Professional license background checks

Solution for  Screening candidates

When companies who outsource jobs like remote recruitment to other firms like ours are working with large applicant pools, it is generally a waste of time for recruiters to interview each remote applicant separately, at least in the initial screening stages of the hiring process. Moreover, not to mention, organizing schedules to set up one-on-one interviews with everyone involved can be frustrating.
Eicra. Com has solution to this simple problem include asynchronous video interviewing into your recruiter tool-kit to further screen and pre-qualify remote applicants before promising time out of your busy day to a one-on-one interview. Don’t bother meeting with someone until you know you actually have a qualified applicant.

Remote Talent Sourcing

Challenges Related To Distant Recruitment

  • Wasting Too Much Time Screening Candidates
  • Huge Turnover
  • Communication Barriers
  • Restricted Access to Technology
  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Skills Testing at a Distance
  • Not Enough Collaboration Between Recruiters

Solution For Remote Applicants

There is a possibility applicants from remote areas cannot gain access to a device with video capabilities. Therefore, we arranged a backup automated audio interviewing system  available to you to ensure everyone has a fair chance and you never miss a chance to explore potential talent.

HR Payroll Processing

Challenges Related To Distant Recruitment

  • Wasting excess Time Screening Candidates
  • Huge Turnover
  • Communication Barriers
  • Restricted Access to Technology
  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Skills Testing at a Distance
  • Not Enough Collaboration between Recruiters

Solution with Assessment  Center

We have idea of setting up digital assessment center essentially consists of setting up an in-person interview room where groups can come in and perform various digital assessments in a supervised and secure online environment. Moreover, with the right platform and tools functioning for you, this method can help you significantly reduce on overall recruiter costs. In fact, leveraging this kind of technology permits our firm to potentially interview hundreds of applicants per hour with only one or two recruiters manage the entire process. This drastically reduces the amount of time required to qualify and disqualify candidates and, if set up properly, can reduce time and cost-to-hire by up to 80%.

Human Resource Consulting

Challenges Related To Distant Recruitment

  • Wasting excess Time Screening Candidates
  • Huge Turnover
  • Communication Barriers
  • Restricted Access to Technology
  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Skills Testing at a Distance
  • Not Enough Collaboration between Recruiters

Easy Access into Platform

To make it easier for remote applicants, they don’t even need to create an account in order to access the platform. This creates for a stress-free and seamless user experience. They simply register within the platform by putting their name and email and transfer on to complete their application form or video interview.

Get 6 Flexible Remote Recruitment Opportunities 

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Begin interviewing peoples from your home or work nature.

Save plenty of time by meeting individuals any time.

Add or Deduct demands at any time of hires to come up with best output.

Authenticate the quality by visual charts provided by us.

Reduce full hiring process cost by remote recruitment system

We are on all hands for remote recruitment by using world class tools.

We offer End to End Human Resource Management to organizations and conduct an interview and shortlist candidate’s resumes thorough background screening. is a leading Remote Recruitment agency in Bangladesh because of its fastest recruitment process in competitive price.

Bangladesh Market Expertise

With our headquarters and major partners in Bangladesh, our knowledge of in this marketplace is supreme. Moreover, with our entities in every working sectors of Bangladesh, we bring  truly  advanced procedures to recruitment

Personalized Recruitment Solutions

Our Bangladesh recruitment specialists take the time to recognize your expansion needs before formulating an optimal applicant profile. This supports us to source, assess, and put forward the most appropriately qualified professionals.

Post Placement Assistance

After finishing the hire, we assist new employees to successfully transition into your business. Through our PEO, we onboard supervise members and manage payroll, benefits, labor contracts, and employment compliance.

FAQ for Employee Recruitment Agency

How train and empower remote employee?

One of the major difficulties of handling distantly is the relative separation that an administrator may realize from their team. Additionally, there are many logistical challenges in getting connected and on the same page with distant employees. Hence, these can simply be overcome by technology and regular communications to make the most of the networks and “team spirit” within a team

How we keep our staffs accountable and productive? has a productivity software that requires employees to clock in and clock out throughout the day. It helps you to monitor how much they’re remaining in work. This method is useful for employees who are paid by the hour or for contracted workers. It is not an ideal setup for your full-time workers. So, we trained them well as well as motivate and appreciate for their work. It helps them to respond in time.

How utilize meaningful buddy system to increase productivity?

Touch points are as energetic in a remote working surroundings as they are in a physical work environment. Detecting socially distant from your coworkers may hinder productivity. So we implement a buddy system in place, so they don’t feel so far detached from work social circles

How you involve remote employees for Happy Hours?

We are responsive that it is very hard to have a ‘happy hour’ when everyone is in a not the same location. Though, have has made it effort at our organization. In our team’s ‘remote’ happy hours, gather weekly in Zoom after work is done for the day.

Achieved Expertise in Bangladesh Market in Managing Remote Employees||