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Data Entry Outsourcing Including Categorization and Validation services

Classic And Validate Data Processing Services In Bangladesh


Our data entry experts give you the tools you need to make better decisions, boost operational efficiency, and, most importantly, save money on data input. Eicra.com is a data entry domain expert who can offer best-in-class Data Management services.

We provide secure online data entry services . If your business-critical data is accessible remotely via VPN, our professional experts can maintain full security over your data.

We also specialize in offline data entry from a vast range of source documents and scanned images, from financial records and company reports to medical surveys and coupons.

Our 8 Best Quality Data Entry Outsourcing (DEO) Services

Get fast Information entry services for handwritten or typed legal and business documents.

1. 24x7 Customer Service

You can call, text, or email. Our team is always here. We will be able to handle your rush job, or even assist with something you don't normally do, if you need them.

5. Modern Technology

All of our servers and networks are constantly upgraded and maintained by experienced technicians. Our company prides itself on using the latest tools to get your job done.

2. Approach with Focus

The success of your business is our top priority. You can entrust us with any project, and we will deliver. We are always able to provide you with the resources you need.

6. Data Services

We can save our clients as much as 40% over in-house costs. We're focused on finding efficient and cost-effective ways to do our jobs, so we're steeped in the culture of data.

3. Assurance Of QC

Our work is regularly reviewed and re-evaluated by our team. We are providing you with constant updates. We have an error rate of less than 0.01%.

7. Internet Research

When necessary, we provide our clients with data entry, data scanning, data extraction, data mining and data conversion services in order to improve internet search.

4. Experienced Services

Eicra.com Services has a highly educated and tech-oriented talent pool to manage and maintenance data. We are working with data within 14th years.

8. Entry of Documents

The most experienced player in the industry, we have expertise in the entry and management of legal, business, financial, foreclosure, housing, leases, etc. documents. We mange document carefully.

Our Biggest Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) team of data input professionals empower you to make informed decisions, increase operational efficiency, Big data analytics and above all save data entry budgets. Eicra.com is a data capture domain specialist with expertise to provide best-in-class data management services. We’re help to manage your IT Services. The entry of data and Data Management   are both time- and resource-intensive tasks. You need a dedicated, full-time staff that knows what they’re doing. Retaining experts isn’t easy as these skills aren’t cheap. As your Data Entry partner, Eicra.com Services can provide you with an entire team of experts that you can scale up or down to meet your needs.

4 Exclusive Services For The Next Level DEO – Outsource Data Entry Services

You may be able to be more competitive in your business sector by outsourcing your data entry. You may not be one of the major players in this game, but you have access to the same tools as the big boys.Managing and profiting from information is much more cost-effective when outsourcing services.

Outsource Data Entry means having the latest tools- skilled personnel, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and timely access to data. There is no limit to what we can do. As a result, our staff has cross-trained skills in a variety of areas that can be applied to your needs.

Data Cleansing Services

Get a Data Cleansing Service and see the results. It’s easy to get rid of invalid, duplicated, and outdated information from your database with data cleaning. It’s important that your database delivers accurate information if you want to make informed decisions. The decision to outsource this service is an easy one, save time and money. Provide a dedicated team to handle the process so your crucial staff can focus on making money.  There are many Data Cleansing Services available today, but only Rely Services can provide the fastest and most accurate Data Cleansing Services. Data Cleaning Services are important for a number of reasons.

Data Conversion

Today, data collection, analysis, data storage, Data mining, distribution, and use are all done digitally. Today’s business world runs on digital technology. What are the reasons? Any information converted from any format- paper documents, artwork, graphs and mathematical charts, handwritten documents, photographs and engineering drawings or plans- can now be edited on a single platform. Information in the form of gigabytes can be used without ever being printed. Furthermore, that information can be edited, shared, examined and collected by any number of people at the same time.

Mining Documents

It is invaluable to be able to search your entire store directly for any document you want. Management is crucial if you want to build lists of contacts based on past interactions, or if you wish to access customers who have bought certain kinds of products from you in the past.

Data Collection

You can plan your business for the future by combining information from multiple sources. Market and customer data collected, collated, and analyzed can affect production, marketing, sales, and advertising. There are numerous ways you can use this information if you possess it.

FAQ For Data outsourcing Services In Bangladesh

How long has Eicra.com been providing data entry services?

Our multiple delivery centers have been serving customers around the globe for the last 18+ years.

Does Eicra.com offer a free trial?

We do offer a free trial of our data entry services. Our contract with you will not be signed until you are satisfied with the quality of our services.

Eicra.com provides data entry services?

Our team at Eicra.com is equipped with cutting-edge technology and world-class infrastructure to handle any data entry task.

What steps do you take to ensure my data is secure?

We follow a careful process to ensure your documents and confidential information will never be published, divulged, distributed, or sold. To ensure your data is protected, our employees must sign a Non-disclosure agreement when they are hired.

What steps do you take to ensure the quality of your data entry services?

Our quality control processes ensure that we deliver high quality data entry services to our clients.

We’re Here To Help You Manage Your Data Entry work.

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