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The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the necessity of digitalization and new technology in the marine industry, with remote surveys already underway. However, as the maritime business moves into the digital age, the problems are clear, compelling the industry to quickly adapt to the smart era.

Choose to make smarter survey crediting possible. You can be confident that your remote survey will be conducted safely and efficiently no matter where you are in the world thanks to our network of Remote Survey Leads.

Changing operating methods, an uncertain global economy, and new technologies all pose challenges for our sector, but they also present opportunities. is adopting remote solutions and exploring new methods for extracting data from ships. Your ships and equipment can be scanned quickly and safely, allowing you to maximize your profits while minimizing operating downtime.

It goes without saying that technology is at the heart of remote inspections. Remote audits and surveys are expected to become more widespread in the future. We expanded our remote survey offering in 2020 to better serve our customers, and today one-third of the 30,000 surveys we conduct each year are completed without attendance.

Redefine inspection and surveying techniques

  1. Our professional Remote Survey Leads are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Reduces the amount of disruption to your operations
  3. Efficiency in terms of time and money
  4. Because of the shorter journey time, this is an environmentally beneficial service.

Surveys with remote inspection techniques

1. The technology is being used to its maximum potential by the participants.

2. There are no travel charges, no journey time, and no waiting time.

3. With recorded evidence of survey conclusion, the survey can be completed in less time.

4. Even if a vessel is in a remote place, assistance is available.

We Are Expert On Virtual Testing, Inspection & Certification Services

1. A safer and more efficient survey option

When travel is not an option, our team eliminates the risk of delays.

2. Instant access to deep technical expertise

We bring together the most qualified candidates for the position, regardless of their location.

3. Hundreds of experts at your fingertips

Use the global network of experts behind the industry's best standards for subject-matter expertise.

4. Project experience

We've used remote surveying systems on a variety of quality assurance tasks.

5. Protect employees health

Employee health is protected by following the social distancing principles.

6. Easily access data

Owners have easy access to the collected data and are able to create a maintenance.

Wherever You Are In The World Be Sure Your Remote Survey Will Be Carried Out In A Safe & Efficient Manner With Us

To facilitate the use of remote surveys, we’ve assembled a global team of Remote Survey experts. The team is made up of subject matter experts and experienced surveyors who are creating remote survey best practices and guaranteeing a consistent ”˜remote’ experience around the globe.

We offer cost-effective best services

The importance of our remote help to your business’s efficient running cannot be overstated. We provide the client with cost-cutting services.

Why For Remote Survey Services

According to Global Workplace Analytics, every person who works from home at least part of the time saves a typical employer roughly $11,000 per year. is one of the best leading companies with skills and experience expert. Our team provides the best remote survey solution affordably.

Access Our Expert Remote Survey Services That Leads 24/7 Successfully

Through the technology, your designated surveyor communicates with the on-site client representative.


The specialist leads surveyors on-site through the process.


Our remote survey system collects and transmits high-quality audio visuals, even in low-bandwidth places like offshore via satellite or in areas with limited mobile phone service using smart phones or cameras.


The video from the survey is kept on military-grade servers.


The report or certification will be printed in the office and emailed to our clients.


Our remote survey experts are here to assist you. Get in touch with us today.

We expanded our remote survey offering in 2020 to better serve our customers, and today one-third of the 30,000 surveys we conduct each year are completed without attendance.

Our Innovative Solutions For Remote Inspection

IUMI centered a digital conversation on remote surveys on the benefits and obstacles that come with them, adding that numerous organizations have already begun performing remote inspections.


To be clear, remote surveys and inspections do not require surveyors to be physically present on board a vessel, which is especially important during COVID-19’s challenging phase.


Because remote operations are a new trend, the industry has accepted that there will be a difference intolerance, with delays or a change in service quality. It should be highlighted, however, that the level of confidence provided by a remote survey should be comparable to that provided by an in-person survey.


Our global network of surveyors is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedication to digitization enables us to combine decades of technical expertise with cutting-edge tools and technology.

A global team of Remote Survey Leads (RSL) has been assembled to facilitate the use of remote surveys on ships and floating offshore assets. The team consists of specialized subject matter experts and experienced surveyors based in key marine and offshore hubs across the world who are creating remote survey best practices and providing a consistent worldwide ‘remote’ experience.

We Offer One Stop Remote Staffing Solutions

High Flexibility & Scalability

Get a wide range of remote employment alternatives at a low cost, including services across all industries. You can hire a whole team to work solely for you, or you can hire personnel to work part-time for you, or you can simply hire the remote staffing firm’s resources on an hourly basis.

Best Of Both Worlds

The risks of hiring freelancers are eliminated with remote employment solutions. As a customer, you get the best of both worlds: your outsourced work is handled by trained professionals, you can save money, and you can focus on growing your business.

Enjoy Cost-Savings

Many organizations in Bangladesh use remote staffing as a strategic cost-cutting approach. Companies may harness competent people without incurring the costs and hazards of opening a physical presence in Bangladesh, allowing them to achieve better overall success.

FAQ for Remote Survey Services In Bangladesh

How long will it take to get a response?

A confirmation email of submission is provided immediately after a survey request is made. Within 24 hours, we will accept your request or let you know if any additional information is required.

What type of data can I submit?

Except for, any sort of document, photo, or video can be sent. EXE. The amount of files that can be uploaded is unlimited. The remote survey request confirmation email includes a link for data upload.

Can all type of surveys be carried out in remote?

For the time being, remote survey methodologies can be used to manage the following surveys:

  1. Extension of the tailshaft survey for three months
  2. Items from the Continuous Machinery Survey
  3. Verification of documents
  4. Minor deficiencies are managed (1-2)
  5. Inspection of the bottom of the ship while it is afloat (IWS) (3)
  6. a radio poll (4)
  7. Request for a name change
  8. Surveys on the layout

Why remote surveys in Eicra?

Access to remote surveys and audits, according to ABS, enables for business continuity, especially during difficult times when scheduling problems, personnel, or logistical issues arise, such as the present COVID-19 period.

Our remote survey services in almost every industry that requires visual inspections