Finance Transformation Services

We apply Cloud Technology in Finance Strategy and Transformation Services.
Finance Transformation Services

The Value Of  Our Finance Transformation Services


The current business environment is unsure and steadily evolving. New dangers can wallop business pioneers and power the association to reevaluate existing plans of action. Disturbance can come in numerous structures, causing monetary, administrative, and hierarchical strain. To expand their worth to the association, finance transformation, all things considered, should adjust to the changing requirements of the venture and convey bits of knowledge rather than reports, examination rather than cycles, and opportunity rather than just consistence.


4 Key Principles of The Modern Finance Transformation:

Get Out Being a Finance Transaction Processing Shop

Become an Analytics Powerhouse

Develop a Commercial Mindset

Build a Collaborative Ecosystem

We help finance transformation augment the utilization of assets, be a more powerful cooperate with the business, and impact business dynamic driven by KPIs, execution and center measurements.

Our 6 Remarkable Finance Transformation Services

1. Money Optimization

We help you recognize, evaluate and focus on high-sway improvement openings inside your finance transformation pointed toward aiding you .

2. Shared Services Journey

We guide you through your entire Shared Services journey: Strategy Operating model & org design Implementation Optimization.We offer share services for you.

3. Accounting Outsourcing

We become an expansion of your group, playing out your everyday bookkeeping tasks from Bangladesh Request to cash & Buy to pay, Record to report & Choice help

Transformation mechanical process

4. Mechanical Process

We support you through the whole finance transformation, beginning as your RPA Services execution specialist, right to overseeing and working RPA for you under our Business Process Outsourcing model:

1. Opportunity appraisal

2. Evidence of idea

3. Execution

4. Continuous activities and the board

Finance Transformation & analytics

5. BI and Analytics

From key discussion to re-appropriating, Eicra’s Business Intelligence and Analytics offers you a wide scope of utilitarian aptitude. Our key investigation administrations include:

1. Development guide

2. Business prerequisite definition

3. Information distribution center and dashboard execution (Power BI/Tableau)

Modern Finance Transformation

6. Other Process

1. Process redesign & standardization

2. Systems selections & implementation

3. Intelligent data capture & document management

4. Automated workflow

5. Automated reconciliations

6. Finance Transformation management

6. Collaboration & knowledge management

How This Services Gives you Premium Support: 4  Services Only For You


1. Flexible Delivery Models


2. Hands-On Executives


3. Best In Class Technologies


4. Support You From Strategy

3 Important Key Points Of Latest Finance Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does benefit me if I am a user of finance transformation systems?

The program will standardize systems and tools where possible, and create a more coherent approach to Finance. Therefore, as a Finance user, systems will be simpler, clearer and more intuitive.
Employees can also participate in the FTP by sharing their thoughts about the program and providing input on the future of Finance. Therefore, we welcome your ideas and questions.

What are Eicra's clients?

Eicra’s clients often have several things in common:
1. Each client’s definition of success is different.
2. A busy schedule, full lives, and comfort delegating investment/planning work.
3. Having an interest in staying engaged.
4. Trusted advisors should offer more than just investment advice.
5. Focus on results over the long run.
6. A positive response to proactive communication and follow-up.

What would you say about Eicra's culture?

We are passionate about what we do and committed to doing it well, just as our clients are.
Our team at Strategic is guided by three core values, and every decision we recommend is aimed at helping clients achieve their goals. By building lifelong relationships with our clients and our teammates, we have fun along the way.

What is the structure of the research team and how are decisions made?

Strategic investment uses a disciplined and repeatable decision making process by leveraging the expertise of a team of professionals.

Do I have the ability to change an Accepted Finance One document?

You can change the status of the document back to Suspended by using the Suspend to Amend function within the document.

Bookkeeping and Accounting For Finance Transformation Services

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