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We are a network of the country’s leading independent employee benefits planners, combining years of experience and resources to serve as a valuable resource for both companies and employees. To understand more about the benefits packages and solutions your company is committed to offer, we recommend speaking with your employee benefits advisor or specialist. We’ll have an internal employee benefits information system (also known as a benefits portal) that lists all of the services that are available.

Our Employee Benefits Service

We provide you a one-stop-shop approach to your benefits plan demands by specializing in a comprehensive range of benefits strategy and compliance services.


Our Team

We work with a varied group of qualified professionals who can provide you with a  wealth of experiences earned only through years of successful practice.  

Plan Strategy

Data Analysis

Employer Education

Employee Communications

Wellness Services

 Types Of Employee Benefits We Offer:

When it comes to building your bespoke suite of core and voluntary employee benefits, we provide experience and strategy that is tailored to both the company and the employee.

Health Insurance
Sick leave
Profit sharing
Salary increase

Plan Design Assistance

We provide plan design educational materials to our clientele so that they are totally educated.

Benchmark Surveys & Statistics

Our benchmarking data offers you with a set of guidelines to help you improve your strategy.

Plan Strategy Capabilities

Our Plan of Action Take the guesswork out of renewing your benefits.

Retirement Plan Services

We do a thorough analysis of your retirement strategy to assist you in making informed decisions.

Why You Need Employee Benefits Services?

1. Talent Retention Strategy

Employee benefits are extremely important in maintaining your company’s personnel. By giving employee benefits, you are demonstrating to your employees that you are concerned about their needs and that they are valuable to you. This will assist you to maintain them with your company for a longer amount of time.


2. Loyalty promotion

Your employees are more likely to be loyal to you if you provide them with employee benefits. With your employee benefits package in place, the likelihood of your employees looking for work elsewhere will be reduced. They will opt to stay with you and collaborate with you. As a result, employee benefits increase the likelihood of your employees being loyal to you.


3. Reduction in absenteeism

Another key benefit of employee benefits is that it helps to reduce absenteeism in your company by allowing your employees to reduce their stress levels, which might occur as a result of financial problems. Employees who are in good financial standing are less likely to miss work and are more likely to be present at work. Your company’s productivity will also rise as a result of this.

It’s critical to provide benefits to your employees since it shows that you care about their overall health as well as their future. A well-rounded employee benefits package can help you attract and retain top talent. Benefits might help you differentiate your business from the competition.

Employee perks, Eicra.com, can help your company’s bottom line by encouraging employees to participate in wellness initiatives. Employee health means lower healthcare expenditures for your company. Employees with less health risks use fewer sick days, see the doctor less frequently, and spend more time at work, bringing their best selves to work every day.

Organizations achieve improved outcomes and increased business success by designing programs to engage employee interests and improving awareness to encourage program utilization. The Eicra.com integrated platform streamlines the employee experience, allowing you to get the most out of your HR investments while also driving key business objectives.

We deliver comprehensive employee benefits packages to Educational, Governmental, Corporate, and Non-profit companies and their employees through an unequaled breadth of expertise, considerable experience, and client resources.


Some more unconventional employee benefits include :

  • Pet-friendly office
  • Free food and beverages
  • Movie, concert, and match tickets
  • Free library membership
  • Paid time off to volunteer
  • Clubs- photography, board games, music clubs

We are a network of the nation’s finest independent employee benefits planners, bringing years of experience and resources together to serve as a valuable resource for both employers and employees.


It is a benefit scheme that provides eligible employees with a portion of the company's profits.

Wellness Programs

These are company-sponsored programs that encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

Childcare Facilities

It's a sort of child care that's sponsored or run by a company.

Paid Parental Leaves

Employees are given compensated time off to care for their child or a family member.

Stock Options

This gives employees a sense of ownership over something they're helping to create.

Office Perks

We offer out benefits to make the workplace more enjoyable.

Retirement Plans

Providing financial stability to your full-time staff is a terrific employee benefit to include in your remuneration package.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employee benefits such as reimbursing employees for their educational fees are a fantastic idea.

We Provide The Best Employee Benefits

We value your staff just as much as you do. We understand how critical it is to offer them the greatest medical, dental, and vision coverage possible. We understand your priority to your employees when we engage with insurance professionals, benefits administrators, or HR directors. We collaborate closely with you to design a benefit plan that achieves your objectives while providing the most value for your money.

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Why Trust Us For Employee Benefits Services?

We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented and technologically advanced third-party administrator of employer benefits, and we give a world-class customer experience.

Insurance Plans

Employee benefit plans are a terrific way to show that you care about your employees. The company pays a set amount of money to cover an employee’s medical expenses. Accidental losses, disability, abrupt death, and dismemberment are all covered by these policies.

Paid Vacation

These are benefits that pay an employee even if he is absent from work. The provision of limitless vacation is an expansion of this advantage. This benefit has proven to be the most popular among employees at many organizations that offer it. It’s a very important part of employee benefits.

Performance Bonus

Everyone wants to be praised and enjoys it. Employees continue to perform effectively when you appreciate their hard work and accomplishments. Rewarding them for their efforts stimulates and pushes them to work harder to attain their objectives. You must do it.

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