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Get Well-Designed Shared Work Space Rental As An Agile Co-Workspaces In Dhaka

Exceptional Shared OfficeService


The popularity of flexible working space in some groups, advertise the ultimate in flexibility by providing a professional work environment. But when you need it and with competitive rates. Essentially, shared office space is given through memberships.


Our 4 Exclusive Shared Office Features Make Us Unique In Bangladesh Market

1. Uninterrupted Working Environment

Members with whom we do agreement use the shared office space at their own convenience whether it is daily or on a regular schedule or a few hours per months, as needed. Our assigned members are responsive of one another and do not interrupt in workflow. Everyone’s privacy is respected and collaboration occurs only when requested, sharing best practices to inspire and develop businesses.

3. Professional Meeting Room shared office space option permits you to take advantage of our full-range of facilities. Our members or clients can combine this with virtual services and meeting rooms to create a workspace package that meets your needs and fits your budget-while still holding the professional image you need. All the amenities we provide is controlled and monitored by our facility manager

2. Convenient And Prestigious Office Location

Our client can build, organize and collaborate on work in one place from virtually anywhere. The office is positioned in Commercial area of Dhaka city enclosed by prestigious corporate offices, restaurants, and residency. Our office location, facilities and cost are very ideal for you if you want to set up a Shared Office Service in a commercial area of Dhaka in a most competitive rate. Please contact us.

4. Amenities In Shared Office Pace

Customer can use our Professional business address, full month of desk space, WiFi, telephone/fax service, hardwired secured private network accessibility conference room. We arrange your workspace in a semi-private and secure office. We keep our terms flexible for you. Moreover you can scale your office up without demanding to update your address when your business is ready

Share Office Service

Coworking Business center

Virtual Mailing Address

Business Address Use

Serviced Office

24/7 Support System

Office Amenities Use

Commercial Location

Facility Management

24 x 7 Network IT Access

Conference Room

The air-conditioned conference room has TV projection facilities. Meeting and training room is also available.

Car And Bike Parking

Dedicated safe parking facilities for car and bike is available here with proper security.

Exclusive Meeting Room

We provide excusive meeting room adds value to your business office presentation

Designed With Care

Our office infrastructure is designed considering the flexible use of our Virtual Employees

Make A Difference

At every level of employee have a voice to share, contribute and share feedback

24/7 Support System

our 24/7 support system listen every small details and solve the client's issues

Grow Your Business With Our Shared Office Service

Shared Office Service

Enjoy Dynamic Business Services In Shared Office

One of the key benefits of having a Shared Office is to lower the company’s overhead. It seems to be common that a business with a physical office has to incur a huge amount of payment for a physical office lease associated with furniture, utility bills, hardware costs, and many other items. With a virtual office, your company can save adequate money for such expenditure and sharing these facilities with our office and in lieu of that, the company’s budget can be used more efficiently for business operations and expansions.

Demand Shared office Space Services
Shared Office Service

Rent Exclusive Virtual Office And Digital Mail

Setting up a virtual Shared office is quite easy with a five-step process of our company. These are approving our commercial location and service packages so that we can become your trusted service provider. Secondly sign an agreement to become our client or member and then settle payment. After that we will collect required documents and finally proceed to open your virtual office with us. We assist you in this process 100% online.

Digital Mail Virtual Office service
IT Services And Solutions

Sophisticated Serviced Office Space Impact

Virtual space can have a positive impact on employees’ attitudes and thus results an increase in the productivity of the business. Because they can work spontaneously in flexible hours, also can reduce distraction and put more focus on work. A recent research stated on” Business News Daily” that employees working remotely perform 1.4 more days of working per month than office-based colleagues.

IT Services And Solutions

Reputed Virtual Office Mailing Address

Handling with the drama that comes along with many colleagues seems to be unescapable when working in a physical office environment. By having a virtual office space you can reduce the stress of dealing with such problems. As an owner an anxiety may cross your mind that your remotely-working staff can be unproductive during the workdays without competitiveness as in the traditional office space, then you can set a practical deadline of their work. Actually, you do not need to be anxious because no one is around to help employees themselves when they work at home. Thus, they generally have no choice but to make efforts for achieving their job and meeting the goals.


Your Convenience


With the Dedicated Office Plan, our client will achieve the flexibility and cost-saving while you only pay for space when you need it. Besides, the business address, you can give our professional looking address when your clients or partners may search for you.

Stay Connected


Shared Office Plan makes you look at work in a whole different light. You can enjoy the professional working space in the prestigious central location. You will stay connected and online in our office for free with the high-speed wifi and peer-2-peer network.

Shared Office


Our meeting Room can be a beneficial solution for you .Come into contact with a professional space to work with your partners or clients with our state-of-art meeting room.  Today get started now to reach out for more business opportunities!     On demand

Convenient Virtual Office Space

Decrease Overhead Cost

Coworking office spaces significantly decreases your overhead costs.


Sharing space also permits you access to other shared amenities such as conference rooms and even a more promising office location, which leads us to increase productivity and achieve company goals.

Ready Made Amenities

Shared spaces particularly provide Wi-Fi access, kitchen facilities, desks, office equipment, and so much more. Once you have setup a virtual office ,costs incurred by you will be shared with us. The cost of furnishing a space alone is very expensive. In those cases shared office spaces really shine.

Customized Office Address

The beauty of a coworking office space is the flexibility they deliver. If you ask for more or less space, you can adjust according to it. If you need to move out of the space totally, you have the freedom to do that. Suitability is king in a shared office space.

Premium Shared Work Space Solutions

Shared Office Spaces

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the shared office space? The professional community. Each renter acquires to be part of a larger network of lawyers, marketers, accountants, entrepreneurs, artists, and students. You can meet other renters at networking events, happy hours, lunch and learns. Your next intern, business partner, or client could be just across the hallway from your   private office. The office spaces represent a innovative way to do business in the 21st century. They’re more flexible, customizable, and reasonable than even the largest obtainable traditional offices. Shared office spaces permit businesses to focus on business, instead of upholding an old and cramped office.

Collaboration with Groups

The problem with distant teams has always been communication. When should a meeting be start? What times are employee most productive? With a single shared office space, group members can ask each other questions across the table or meeting room, reducing downtime from unopened emails and missed calls. Whiteboards, on walls and tables, also suggest a visual way to collaborate with groups

Facility Management Team

Shared office space is a single floor ready for commercial use. Our facility management team manages all the facilities of the office it includes business center, meeting rooms and executive Lounge etc. Moreover office amenities are also arranged by our facility management. Clients have scope to share their requirements with this team

FAQ For Shared Office Space

Why are shared office space so reasonable?

That is the beauty of a shared-office space! All of the furniture, art, utilities, Wi-Fi and cleaning costs are paid for, which gives members the advantage of the expenses being shared

What procedures of payment do you accept?

We prefer bank transfers or a check but we will accept any major credit card and add a 5% processing charge.

Can I visit when I’m in the area or an appointment is required? ask that you schedule tours in advance to guarantee the availability. Therefore, we can focus on assisting you find the best office solution possible during your visit.

How do your Membership Contracts work? contracts range from 1-hour conference room rentals to monthly Memberships. Therefore, we know that month-to-month memberships, with no deposit and no utility expenditures, can benefit you grow your startup or small business. Want some space while you move offices? Need to visit with us while your space is being renovated? can assist with that, too.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Members are required to sign a Membership Contract based on the type of solutions. Dedicated Offices are hired on a one-year lease.

We Offer Shared Serviced Office That Works For You 

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