Work Visas


1. How long may you stay in the country on a work visa?

The majority of EADs are only valid for a year. Obviously, no one will be granted a work visa that extends beyond their legal stay in a country.

2. How much would a corporation pay for a work visa?

A visa sponsor costs about 4000 dollars on average, but it may cost 8-9,000 dollars if a firm has much more than fifty employees, half of whom are foreign nationals.

3. What are the dangers of supporting a newcomer?

The dangers of sponsoring an immigrant are substantial since the individual who files an affidavit has greater responsibilities than the immigrant. The immigrant may resign from his or her work and file lawsuits against the sponsor, asking for assistance.

4. In Bahrain, how long would it take to obtain a work visa?

Most work visas in Bahrain are normally processed in five business days, however delays might take a couple of weeks.

5. Is there a difference between a work visa and an immigrant visa?

Immigrant visas give permanent resident status whereas nonimmigrant visas grant temporary visa and work authorization. Employer sponsorship is required for the majority of employment-based nonimmigrant visas.

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