1. How will my domains be affected if I do not renew them?

  1. There are various measures you may take once your domain expires to ensure you don’t lose any domains you want to maintain.
  2. We start sending email reminders to the email address you listed with us about 30 days before the domain expiration date.
  3. At least two reminders will be sent before the expiration date, and one reminder will be sent within five days of the expiration date.
  4. Your domain name will expire if we are unable to acquire payment on or before the domain renewal date.
  5. A third party could buy your domain name as soon as 30 days after it expires.

2. How do I register a domain? Is it necessary?

A domain name is essentially real estate on the internet. The temporary ownership of the real estate is provided by the registration of this domain name. Domain registrations enable the registrant to “build” on the property (for example, by providing services such as websites, email, and FTP for personal, business, or public use.

3. How much does a domain registration cost?

The domain registration only gives you rights to the domain name you buy for the duration of the domain registration, which is usually one to 10 years. You can use this registration to update the domain’s contact information, change the nameserver delegation, and add glue records.

Other services, such as DNS, email, Secret Registration, and so on, are not included in domain registrations.

4. How can a domain be registered?

To locate and acquire the best domain names for your business, use our domain name registration search. Remember to acquire a few of the most popular “top level domains” (suffixes) to ensure the best possible protection for your company.

5. Where do I start with domain name registration?

A good domain name should either define your product or be the name of your company. Choose a domain name that is simple to enter and pronounce over the phone. The results of our domain checker will show you if your desired name is available in a number of Top Level Domains. Domain names can become available up to 48 hours after registering.

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