Background Screening


1. What is the purpose of background checks?

For a variety of reasons, performing pre-employment background checks on workers has become a need for companies. On their application forms and/or resumes, many applicants make fraudulent assertions. Applicants who have been engaged in criminal conduct but have chosen not to reveal it are not uncommon. Pre-screening your candidates is a tiny price to pay compared to the legal expenses you may have to pay later if you want to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace and prevent negligent hiring litigation.

2. How long does it take for pre-employment background check businesses to provide reports?

The majority of the time, findings are obtained around 24 to 72 hours.. In some situations, the results of a local search may be delayed. Although outstanding customer service will be a major deciding element, you should choose a screening business that you trust will keep you updated on a regular basis.

3. How much further back does a background check on an employee go?

Employers who want a background check on a candidate usually ask for a seven-year history, while certain jurisdictions allow up to ten years of information to be reported. The CRA can go back as long as ten years if a potential candidate would be given a salary of at least 125,000.00 in California. If that’s not the case, the state of California’s maximum allowable reporting term is seven years.

Aside from California, 11 other jurisdictions limit the recording of a conviction to years from the date of resolution, completion of parole, or release from prison. The following are the states and income exemptions:

Kansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Hampshire, New Mexico, New York – 25,000.00 dollar (income exemption), Texas – 75,000.00 dollar (income exception), and Wisconsin – 20,000.00 dollar(income exception) (income exception).

4. How would you assure the safety of private information?

Through comprehensive security measures in the domains of information technology, our firm protects the privacy and safety of our clients’ data. This information is kept under our own private and secure servers. Every day, we back up all of our data, and we have all the necessary firewalls in place. Only our clients (approved users) have access to our reporting system, and all sent pre-employment background investigation information is secured.

5. Does your business offer services all around the country?

Yes. Employer Preference Screening is a national and worldwide supplier of employment background investigation services.

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