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How Can A Virtual Office Help A Law Firm?

Virtual offices are now becoming increasingly popular these days. Many small and large businesses use virtual office addresses to expand their operations. Today, we’d like to share our success story with you. We provided a virtual business address to a legal firm last month. And they are completely pleased with our service. Let’s see how we helped them out!

A Real-Life Case Study Of Our Virtual Office Service

About The Client:

Case Study: Shakib Rashid

Type of Business: Law Firm

Location: Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Dhaka Virtual Office, Meeting Room Usage

Client Overview:

Shakib Rashid is a lawyer who worked for a prestigious law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was ready to go out on his own and launch his own law firm. He gave his two-week notice and resigned from this horrific law firm.

He immediately began making plans to venture out on his own. He was going to fix these problems, despite the fact that he had no Plan B. 

He realized quickly that he’d require an office first and foremost. Being on a tight budget, he knew he couldn’t afford to rent his own physical brick and mortar office, let alone all the associated costs such as electronics, soft furnishings, insurance, staff, supplies, and so on.

Our Approach:

Shakib Rashid remembered how one of his old colleagues, Mr. Rahman, had left the same law firm just few months before him. And he uses our virtual business address without any difficulties.

James reached us about opening his own Dhaka office. He first enrolled for our physical office address rental (virtual office) service. 

He needed documentation, communications, legal documents, and process service at our offices. Any items did receive in his new law firm’s name would have to be delivered to his residence overnight. 

Shakib was rapidly tying up all the loose ends; everything was falling into place for him. He was eager to be able to work from his home. He purchased a domain, business cards, and put a few advertisements.

Value Delivered:

Today, Shakib gets up early, shower rooms, and puts on a set of shorts and a t-shirt before working in his office all day. He walks his dog in the mornings and afternoons. 

By late afternoon, he has received any documentation that had been overnighted from the office. During the week, he communicates with clients by phone and email.

Features he got from us:

  • Business Registration Address
  • Phone Answering and Handling
  • Postal Service & Mail Forwarding
  • Services for Workspaces
  • Meeting Room 

Final Words

Shakib is really a pleasure to collaborate with. He enjoys his virtual work environment, especially because our services allow him to enjoy the freedom he desires. Moreover, we still providing him the physical presence he needs. Our client’s satisfaction is our success. We’d love to help more people like Shakib Rashid. If you want to work with us, please contact our experts.

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