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Payroll outsourcing supports the corporate owners to concentrate on the primary objectives of their business. This situation can be evaded by hiring a payroll outsourcing service. Payroll outsourcing is the process where the managers hire third parties to manage the payrolls of the corporations. It saves important resources and time. Payroll processing outsourcing helps companies to focus on different strategic aspects of the business. Payroll Outsourcing permits employers to concentrate on their core business.


Our company is a pioneer in the field of payroll vendors that offer complete payroll outsourcing services. We are dedicated professionals in offering payroll services to the businesses irrespective of the sizes. Here we have a team of payroll specialists with deep domain expertise. With the payroll outsourcing service that we offer, our payroll teams enable administrations to rationalize their payroll operations. We help to improve performance and deliver more accurate and compliant payroll to the workforce. The service provided by our expert execution. Our payroll processing and support teams assist minimizing the complexity of payroll.


Being one of the best payroll outsourcing companies in Bangladesh, we understand that payroll management is a crucial process. But it also time-consuming and intimidating as well. Therefore, we surely help you by simplify your payroll management by our payroll outsourcing service. Besides, we always make sure that the payroll records that we prepare are error-free to guarantee. Moreover, the data security of the client is always maintained.

Consultant PEO

Premium Online Payroll

  • 3rd Party Contractor’s Payroll
  • Better Resource Management
  • Processing Monthly Salary
  • Managing Attendance Record

We Value Your Time

The payroll outsourcing service of our firm helps both the employers and employees. Our focus is on core work instead of spending several hours on data feeding. This way, this service escalates productivity.

Payroll Tax Compliance

Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Employment Contracts
  • Complying with E-Verify
  • Employer of Record
  • Background Checks
  • Contract Staffing

Cost Reduction

One of the most competitive advantage of our payroll outsourcing service is it saves cost. Being one of the well-known payroll outsourcing companies, we manage the complex payroll with the help of a team of proficient and highly skilled professionals.

Staffing Outsourcing Payroll Services

Staffing Outsourcing Services

  • Monthly payroll calculation
  • Tax compliance
  • HR compliance
  • Better staff retention

Improved Data Security

Payroll includes some sensitive personal data. Moreover, dealing with this complex data can often be risky. Therefore, the outsourcing service provider like us offer innovative encryption technology. As a result, we uphold high data security.

PEO and EOR Payroll

PEO/EOR Provider

  • Assistances in Accounting
  • Improved Applicant Tracking
  • Easier Banking and Tax Specifics
  • Job Board Posting

Improved compliance

Our payroll outsourcing company is well responsive to the laws and regulations regarding tax. Therefore, once a company’s payroll is outsourced, it becomes essential for the company to follow those rules and regulations properly. These are also done by HR Management process.

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Eicra is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug testing, Form I - 9 and employment and education verifications.

Handling payroll outsourcing distribution, direct deposit, tax filing and retro-expenditure transfers.

Analyzing and settling payroll deductions, preparing reports and making presentation analyzing the report data

Providing payroll outsourcing statistics by answering questions and requests

Customized background screening & drug testing solutions - criminal checks, validating credentials, monitoring ongoing compliance & analyzing social media.

Hire talent in Third Party Payroll with our 360° Onboarding, compliance management, 3rd party payroll solutions.

Strongly Integrated Payroll, Statutory Compliance, HRMS, Attendance & Leave Management.

We are one of the top payroll outsourcing service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh who offers Automate HR Functions from Attendance to Payroll and Recruitment online payroll services.

Employees Onboarding

We specialize in expert payroll outsourcing services for all kinds of businesses. We are a professional organization of over 14 years experience that are diverse in our domains and provide the best outsourced services. Our objective is to free you of non-core responsibilities, saving your time and cost with great customer service.

Background Screening

We’re helping companies to screen new starters and ensure they’re ready for work straight away with digital or physical screening and onboarding. Since starting phase of the onboarding process is essential and ensures new employees get the right impression and information. Employee Screening Services can help you to hire with more confidence.

Information Security

Most payroll is processed automatically, which means securities need to be in place for staff personal data. In Bangladesh we have strict employee data protections in place. All industries need to do their due diligence on data protection arrangements. Our Payroll service company secure these data with up to date software .

Regulatory Compliance

Our compliance team has every answers on how we stay on top of changes in the laws of Bangladesh and we ensure that your business will remain acquiescent at all times. The facilities provided by our experienced implementation, payroll processing and support teams helps minimize the difficulty of payroll and also save our client’s time by solving legal tasks.

FAQ for Payroll Outsourcing Compliances

You can call, fax or email to us the amounts to pay your staff, or input that info into a secure internet site in a sophisticated and controlled manner. will take it from there, calculating accurate net pay, printing and providing checks and reports, organizing for tax duties to be debited from your account, and filing appropriate tax returns. At end of the year, we take care of all the payment hassles, too.

Clients provide with specific bank account numbers for both your business and your staff. Our company works with the bank to process Direct Deposit transactions.

You can either write the check yourself or have prepare the check for you. If you are looking for a handwritten check, feel free to call us to perform gross-to-net or net-to-gross calculations for you.

Absolutely yes. You can simply provide us documentation on your plans and will incorporate the calculation and tracking of accrued and occupied PTO time each pay period.

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