Growing Importance Of Employee Background Verification

The extent of a background check is determined by the employer, organization, and work at hand. If you apply for a federal position with a high security clearance, for example, you will almost certainly be subjected to a rigorous employment check. The information they look for is usually linked to the work. If you are recruited to work at a bank, for example, it is acceptable for the employer to inquire about your past of embezzlement or theft. As seen in the preceding example, failing to do so can have serious consequences.

According to statistics, businesses in the United States lose 5% of their yearly earnings to fraud, amounting to $650 billion in fraud losses and this happened due to the lack of employment history verification.

Companies should invest in strategies to preserve their assets by recruiting honest staff, which is both practical and wise.  Work history, credit, driving records, criminal records, car registration, court records, compensation, bankruptcy, medical records, references, property ownership, drug test results, military records, and sex offender information are all things that an employer could look into.

Advantages Of Employment History Verification

The importance of employment verification services is increasing more and more. Some of the reasons and advantages to meet the point verify employment history are given below;

Improved hiring quality: The first advantage employment verification check is to improve the hiring quality. Nearly 52% of employee background checks are conducted in order to enhance hiring quality. The background check determines whether the employee’s previous performance is sufficient to hire them for the role.

Uncertainty in the recruiting process: If the hiring process does not involve a background check of the personnel, uncertain scenarios may develop. This can insulate a corporation from any direct or indirect costs incurred as a result of poor employment practices.

Security issues: Security and safety for the firm employing personnel is essential for the company and the other employees that work there. Various issues, such as sexual harassment or an employee’s reputational issue, might result in a loss for the organization.

Uncertain situation in hiring process: If the employment procedure does not involve a background check of the personnel, unexpected circumstances may develop. This can insulate a corporation from any direct or indirect costs incurred as a result of poor employment practices.

If the precheck employment verification method is used, the application pool will be decreased by 60%. These type of employment issues are handled as a PEO.

Ways To Do The Employment Verification Check

1. Identity card verification: The identity card issued to people by the state or country verifies their identity from the state, which is the most dependable source for the employment verification background check. In Bangladesh, for example, candidates must present a copy of their "National ID card" along with additional information or papers.

2. Educational Background Verification: Verifying an applicant’s educational background certifications should be done by validating an application form for a position. Various screening technologies are used to check the educational history of applicants, which is one of the most important aspects of employee profile verification.

3. Previous employment check: The past employment check verifies the performance of a specific person at their former employer, which is an important stage to verify employment history. EOR can help with this process. 

4. More Process: Other steps in the employment history verification procedure include obtaining a medical certificate to ensure that the candidate is fit to work for the firm, reviewing bank records (not the only ones), and doing a property check, among others.

Focus Points,


1. Even during the verification procedure, private information should not be made public by the employment verification companies.

2. Further than criminal records from the last 7 years, no other information should be obtained.

How To Know About Employment Background Verification?

There are several websites that can assist in the pre-employment background check procedure. Our website Eicra.com may be quite beneficial to both parties.

For instance, When an employee wants to apply for a job, for example, he will know what papers he should supply and what he should not, as well as why legitimate documents are crucial to present.

Again, for doing the hireright employment verification, Eicra.com will be useful since they will know what verification should be done for the candidates and how it should be done.

To Conclude

The first benefit of employment verification of the employee is that it is a required and vital step in completing a safe and secure recruiting procedure for the purpose of the company’s brand and reputation. The employees should remain prepared to face the employment background verification check. The company should maintain all the boundaries and privacies for doing the employment verification background check.

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