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A Comprehensive Guide to HR Outsourcing Prices

The process of contracting out your HR operations to a third party is known as human resource outsourcing. The management and obligations for your HR are transferred under an agreement reached with the third-party provider. Because you can concentrate on your primary duties while also having good control over your HR operations, it is regarded as a strategic HR project.

As a result, managing all aspects becomes more and more challenging for a small number of people. More professionals would only result in higher costs. According to a Deloitte research, 64% of businesses see cost reduction as the main motivator for outsourcing. Nowadays, businesses instead choose HR outsourcing. It is seen as a more affordable and efficient option. We present a thorough manual outlining the prices and services associated with HR outsourcing.

How Much Do HR Services Cost to Outsource?

The average monthly cost in the sector ranges from $45 to $1500. Of course, a number of factors affect the price. It may typically be tailored based on unique requirements, hence the vast range. Additionally, the providers use various pricing methods for HR outsourcing.

  • A flat rate or a typical cost
  • Each time at regular intervals  
  • Monthly basis for each employee
  • Every hour

The percentage of each employee’s gross revenue (charges range from 4% to 8% of their gross income, so the total cost fluctuates according to your firm size). The model used is determined by the kind of services offered and the model that best matches your demands. This raises the question of what kinds of HROs are available.

Types For HR Outsourcing

Custom services are available from HR outsourcing companies. The types of services available on the international market are as follows.

  • Employer of Human Resources:

These businesses offer comprehensive, all-inclusive HR services. They assume total accountability for your HR operations while operating independently. They essentially serve as your company’s own independent HR department.

  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs): 

Also known as co-employers or employment partners, PEOs take on joint legal obligations and liabilities. You can manage your primary HR activities using this strategy.

  • Unique HR services:

Additionally, the Human Resource Organizations provide individualized assistance. If you only need a few HR services or are wanting to outsource a small number of functions, these customized service arrangements can be helpful.  The price of HR outsourcing in these situations is determined by the services needed and the size of the business.

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Reducing The Cost of Your HR Outsourcing

More money can be allocated to your core activities by determining the factors influencing your outsourcing costs and optimizing them. Finding a balance between reducing your HR outsourcing costs and increasing business value is crucial in this situation. Cost-related variables for HR outsourcing.

The cost of HR outsourcing, as previously indicated, mostly depends on your:

  • Business size
  • Number of employees
  • Services required

The number and breadth of your HR functions increase with firm size, and as a result, so do the costs associated with outsourcing.


You may accomplish more with less work by outsourcing your HR. Thus, it might be the way that both large corporations and small firms operate in the future. We at EicraBD provide a broad range of outsourced services on a single platform….

  • To assist you in remaining compliance with internationally shifting laws and regulations, we provide PEO services.
  • Our EOR (Employer on Record) services make it possible to hire internationally without having to set up legal organizations in several nations.
  • To entice both full-time and contract workers, provide both international and nation-specific benefits.

We act as your local HR platform across the board. From a single window, you can hassle-free hire, onboard, and manage your global staff.

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