Is Purchasing A Shared Workspace A Good Idea For  A Business?

Whether you’re based in Bangladesh or elsewhere, Shared Coworking space is the simplest method to establish a business presence. Get a prestigious location in this rapidly rising country, as well as the freedom to run your company however you want.

The concept of shared workspaces has gained significant momentum, revolutionizing the traditional office environment. As the modern workforce seeks more flexibility, convenience, and collaboration opportunities, shared workspaces have emerged as a game-changer

Shared workspaces, also known as co working spaces, are communal office spaces where individuals from different companies, industries, or backgrounds work alongside each other.

There are already 17,000 shared coworking space around the world, with the number predicted to increase by 6% annually in America until 2022, and therefore by 13% globally.

Key Statement

1. Renting a coworking space can help you expand your business and function more efficiently even while saving money on office expenses.

2. To encourage employees to connect and collaborate, most coworking spaces organize social events and training.

3. A flexible coworking space in an office allows you to use it whenever and wherever you want.

Let's Find Out The Challenges

The company has yet to develop its website and had no marketing activities in place, they didn’t have a digital presence. People couldn’t find it online, and because it was on a high floor in an office complex, it was tough to encourage people to come in off the street. We had priced the professional office spaces, but the team was unable to demonstrate to consumers exactly what they were paying for business office space due to an unanticipated delay in fitting and decorating. Because they didn’t have any tenants, they couldn’t rely on word-of-mouth to generate interest.

Services We Provided

1. The Best Place to Connect and Collaborate:

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we provide world-class coworking space. Our professional office space is strategically located across the country to open doors and create new opportunities. To ensure that you can only pay for whatever you need, you can hire by the hourly, day, or monthly.

2. Develop New Business Prospects:

Our coworking business space is set up to promote collaboration. Choose from hundreds of locations across the world for your preferred location and cooperate with the like-minded people in our large office. To expand your company’s limits, reserve a dedicated workspace or join inside and hot-desk.

3. Work from any location If necessary:

You may work from our global network of tastefully designed remote office space from anywhere on the planet. Hundreds of locations are available in every city, town, and transport hub around the world.

Problems That Must Be Overcome

1. Distractions and noise: 

There will almost likely be ongoing noise in an open coworking space in an office environment, whether from discussions, phone calls, and even noisy keyboard clicking.

2. Invasion of privacy: 

In order to prosper, employees need some privacy. Before presenting an idea to a larger group, people usually discuss it with one or two coworkers. For these discussions, they need flexible coworking space. 

3. Appropriate Space: 

Employees value their private fully furnished office space more than almost any other part of the workplace. Job satisfaction and productivity may be limited in a cramped office.

4. Inadequate equipment:

Even if coworking does not function, companies must invest in appropriate equipment for their organization. Buying extension cables or supplying employees with equipment not provided by the coworking space could be a simple solution. 

5. Concerns about security vigilance and safety:

Security concerns in coworking spaces are not limited to technology. Most business office towers are open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, placing workers’ safety at danger when they are not working.


3 Economic Benefits Of Renting A Coworking Space

1. Economical: Money is an important factor in your business. By renting coworking space, you can lower your investment and operating costs.

2. Save Time: The most important aspect of business is time management. By hiring coworking office space, you could use that period to do other tasks. So, save your time and focus on what you really want to do.

3. Expand Your Business More Rapidly: By leasing the best coworking office space, you can focus entirely on expanding your company.

Our Expert Coworking Space Solutions

Hiring a business office space will not be difficult, and our team of experts understands this and makes the process as simple as possible. Our coworking spaces are ideal for meeting new people and working on projects together. We offer both newly constructed and turn-key facilities, guaranteeing that you get the best place for your business.

If you would like to get our professional employer organization(PEO)services, please contact us.

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