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Is It Legal To Rent A Virtual Office In Bangladesh?

Nowadays, Bangladesh has become a center attraction for foreign companies to start their business. Most of the foreign companies can not start their operation in Bangladesh due to geological issues. However, this presents the question: "Is it legal to hire a virtual office in Bangladesh?"

Yes, as a registered organization, using a virtual office address is completely legal. However, there are some regulations like necessary licenses, permits, and tax identification numbers for your company’s eligibility for renting a virtual office.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into that.

Is It Legal To Rent A Virtual Office In Bangladesh?

They are really legit. For those who are unaware, a virtual office is a business address which you rent that is completely operational. It is the ideal option for people who like to work from home but require a physical address for their company activities.

Why would one use a virtual office, one could ask? First off, a virtual office is less expensive than a physical office. You won’t have to pay extra for extras like wireless internet, lobby greeters, receptionists, etc.

Second, a quality virtual office also can elevate your company’s reputation. You get to pick the address for your business.

5 Easy Steps To Set Up A Proper Virtual Office

1. Secure the Important Equipment: Basic tools are necessary for remote employees to succeed. To be able to operate from any location with an Internet connection, every remote worker requires a laptop.

2. Keep Communication: Remote workers require a dependable Internet connection faster than ever because many company apps now run in the cloud. In order to process data and keep records up to date, fast connectivity is important.

3. Select the Appropriate Tools for Communication: Workflow-enhancing communication and collaboration tools must be available to remote workers. So, make sure you have the resources you need to stay up with the requirements of your work.

4. Switch To Cloud Storage For Your Data: In the past, remote workers had trouble managing the files that were spread over several computers, gadgets, and external USB drives. Workers now have access to their information from any device or computer.

5. Be prepared and organized: As a teleworker, constant delays, forgotten tasks, and missed appointments can ruin your career. While getting things done, you must practice good time management and always be reachable to your coworkers and clients.

Estimated Cost For Virtual Office Rental

The lease rate for a small traditional office can be influenced by a variety of variables, including the region of the country you work in, office occupancy rates, location, unemployment rates, and more. These traditional offices can cost as much as $5K, however having a virtual office may cost as little as $50 or as much as $200 per month.

The lease leans further in the direction of the $200+ range as a result of added services. For instance, a basic plan starting at $29 might increase to a premium plan starting at $269 for a business address in Dhaka, Bangladesh with mail forwarding.

End Users (%) Of Virtual Office Market In 2022

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How A Virtual Office Can Improve Brand Impression?

What is a brand impression? – The rate at which your audience promotes your brand through multiple commercial channels, such as social networks, search engines, and others, is known as brand impression.

This Is How A Virtual Office Could Increase Your Brand Impression

A virtual office provides businesses with a physical address and executive management services without the cost of an expensive lease and staff. Employees who have a virtual office can operate remotely while still having access to amenities like a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting spaces, and teleconferences. Virtual offices are another highly productive option. Your office is wherever you are, so you are not tied to one particular place.

Reduce Your Overhead Expenses

Business owners would want to avoid the hassle of starting up a business office space due to the high costs involved. You can achieve that with a virtual office space! With a virtual office, you can save money on utilities like gas and electricity in addition to furniture, equipment, and office supply costs.

Increase Productivity & Flexibility

Boost Productivity

Because they allow employees to work in a more peaceful setting where they are more focused and distracted-free, virtual offices can enhance productivity. As happier individuals perform better at their jobs, this has a significant positive impact on production and efficiency.


With minimal commuting time and no defined office hours, many of your workers may discover that they have more time for things like walking the dog or going grocery shopping. They would be able to control their own schedules and discover that having access to all working hours makes them more efficient.

Increased productivity of the workforce: According to a Standford University study on the subject, among 16,000 workers who participated, productivity rose by 13% over the course of nine months when working remotely.

Virtual Office VS Mailing Address

What Is A Mailing Address?- A mailing address is just a place where people can send you postal mail. This is your house or workplace address for many persons and organizations. A mailing address, however, may not be the same as a person or company’s residence or place of business.

Virtual Office and Mailing Address Match Up

  • Include your address on your business cards and website
  • Using meeting space (at extra cost)
  • Your mail is taken care of
  • Appears more expert

Differences Between Virtual Office and Mailing Address 

  • Only virtual offices are registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • A mailing address cannot be used as a visiting address.
  • A physical address is less expensive than an online office.

Can Virtual Office Increase Your Profitability: A Myth

Many users of virtual offices reportedly stated in research that it isn’t profitable at all. Because keeping up a virtual office is much more expensive than the alternatives. Moreover, it has many additional costs as well. But the fact is “This is not true”.

Virtual offices give workers the freedom to work whenever they wish from any location when a job requires flexible hours. Having remote workers reduces travel times, boosts productivity, and results in a lower turnover rate, in addition to allowing for no commute, little to no technology costs, and cheaper overhead expenses (with no rent to pay). So, we understand why using a virtual office is profitable.


1. What are the features of a virtual office?


1. Address of the registered business.

2. Call handling and telephone answering.

3. Mail and Post Handling Forwarding.

4. Services for workspaces.

5. Using a meeting space.


2. What can you use a virtual office for?

Ans: The only thing missing from a virtual workplace is a workstation with your nameplate on it. It describes a business location in a posh neighborhood that performs all the duties of an office. You can have on-site meetings, use mail processing services, or hire a receptionist with such a virtual office package.

3. Why do we need virtual offices?

Ans: Virtual offices enable more productivity, cost-effective transportation, and flexibility. The administrative and technological costs associated with virtual offices are also much cheaper, providing a more affordable option for modern working.

4. Is a virtual office worth it?

Ans: Utilizing a virtual office saves you money on rent, utilities, insurance, and a host of other expenses that come with leasing a physical office. By lowering your expenses, you can put this money back into the parts of your company that matter most.

5. Why do you need a virtual office in 2022?

Ans: A virtual office gives your business alternatives and space in light of the uncertainty of what 2022 may offer, as opposed to the earlier possibilities, which would have required investing in a lengthy, expensive commercial lease. Your company has options when using a virtual office service.


Choose a virtual office or mailing address if you realize that you require a physical location but do not wish or need to spend in office space. In addition to meeting your present demands, these solutions are adaptable, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about what will happen if you relocate to a different site.

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