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You Can Depend On Employer Of Record Services: Let’s See How!

For an organization to grow, employer of record (EOR) services is important. These services are becoming increasingly well-known in modern times. Whatever you need to know about employer of record services, including how they operate and the types of services they provide.  Moreover, how to compare various employers of record service providers to discover the best match for your company, will be covered in this book.

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What Is An Employer Of Record (EOR)?

A worldwide employment services company known as an employer of record (EOR) can assist you in hiring workers legally in other nations. You can concentrate on your team because your EOR takes care of the payroll, insurance, tax, share options, and local compliance. Businesses that rely on employers of record to assist them in hiring personnel internationally. 

Without having to establish a local company, which may be costly and take months or even years to complete, a business can expand activities into some other country with an EORCollaborating with an EOR enables companies of all sizes to swiftly and affordably hire and pay employees abroad.

What Are Employer Of Record (EOR) Services?

Employer of record services enable businesses without local legal organizations to lawfully hire employees abroad.  These services, which include payroll, insurance, taxes, share options, and compliance, primarily fall under the purview of the legal and human resources departments.

For businesses wishing to grow their staff into other markets, advising services may be another employer of record option. An EOR might provide guidance on how to incorporate freelancers or how to develop a global pay strategy, for instance.

What Does An Employer Of Record (EOR) Do?

On your behalf, an employer of record hires employees in another nation. For instance, you may use an EOR to hire a worker in Bangladesh if your business is based in the United Kingdom.

A variety of HR and legal tasks can be carried out by an employer of record, including:

  • Run payroll for workers in other nations 
  • Permit companies to employ full-time workers lawfully in other countries
  • Manage the administration of international employees’ benefits
  • Control foreign contractors
  • Distribute stock options to employees across international borders

Employing personnel across different states or parts of the same nation might benefit firms as well.

Can You Employ International Workers Without An EOR?

The quick answer is yes but doing so necessitates either creating your own local legal business or hiring the staff as independent contractors. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. You will be in charge of overseeing every aspect of your existence in the new nation if you establish your own legal corporation. 

Employing professionals such as payroll experts, benefit administrators, and attorneys is necessary. An EOR is more cost-effective if you only intend to hire a few (or perhaps a few dozen) individuals in a new nation, but doing so may make logical sense if you intend to hire hundreds of employees there. Being careful is necessary when hiring employees as contractors. Misclassification of international contractors is a serious problem that can result in severe fines and penalties.

How Much Does An EOR Cost?

The two pricing models most frequently used by EOR service providers are flat charge structures and percentage pricing.  While percentage pricing might be highly expensive, flat prices are generally more transparent and less expensive.

Before dealing with any employer of record who bills a percentage rather than a flat rate, exercise caution. Global employment costs will vary, but a reputable EOR takes these costs into account and can let you know what your final charge will be in advance. 

Companies are encouraged to keep employee salaries low while paying more to third-party providers by percentage-based pricing arrangements. Eicra’s EOR services cost $599 per month (paid annually) or $699 per month (paid monthly), with no surprises or hidden costs.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Employer Of Record (EOR)?

Being the local employer on papers for your workers in other countries is your employer of record’s primary duty. Your EOR protects your business from legal and regulatory issues by legally hiring employees on your behalf. An employer of record also manages the challenging HR tasks associated with hiring personnel from other nations. 

Rules regarding topics like how frequently employees must be paid, which currency are permitted, how much paid time off they must receive, and other issues vary depending on the location. In order to free up more of your time for business expansion, your employer of record handles all of these issues on your behalf.

Is Employer Of Record (EOR) Legal?

Yes, using an EOR to hire workers in foreign nations is legal. Nevertheless, some EORs are more compatible than others. The highest level of compliance can only be guaranteed everywhere EORs operate if those EORs own their own organizations.  Make sure your EOR has a local organization and the necessary expertise to manage localized payroll, insurance, taxes, and regulations, as well as share options, if you issue stock to your employees, before you start working with them.


1. What does EOR stand for in HR?

Ans: The Employer of Record (EOR) is described. An EOR assumes the duty of forming its own legal structure in a nation in order to appoint personnel on the real estate loan.

2. What is EOR workplace?

Ans: Let’s define an EOR first. A third-party company hired to handle employee payment is known as an Employer of record. Payroll, taxes, applications for sponsorship and visas, benefits, and insurances are all included in this.

3. What is EOR certificate?

Ans: In terms of their requirement for ISO certification, Employer of Record (EOR) suppliers occupy a special position. EOR suppliers will be better able to appeal to clients and draw new business if they can demonstrate that they are in compliance with quality management systems, safety procedures, and general industry requirements.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to recruit one foreign worker or tens of thousands, Eicra offers the knowledge, resources, and infrastructure you require.  Our employer of record services is the best in the market, and they ensure a top-notch working environment for your international workforce as well as dependable pricing, constitutional protections, and calmness for your company.

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