UGC Content Screening

Moderation of User-created content (UCC), in any form of images, videos, text, and audio.

Protect Your Brand & Users With Our UGC Content Screening Services   

We cover User Generated Content Screening (UGC) with social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chat rooms, proprietary customer channels, and more with real-time comment moderation, image moderation, and live streaming video moderation under our User Generated Content (UGC) Content Screening services. Our moderators work remotely to discover and remove inappropriate content screening, keeping your website, social media channels, and communities safe and positive.

We live in a digital world where content reigns supreme. All of these sites, from social media to online forums, rely largely on browser material. Brands want their customers to be able to freely engage with them.


Our UGC content screening moderation teams use a combination of human analysis and modern online moderation tools to spot patterns that help you reduce exposure to risk and increase positive brand awareness. You get the speed, precision, and quality of service you need to ensure full online user security by outsourcing your UGC content screening moderation activities to a qualified organization.


To keep objectionable messages off of official company accounts and communities, our UGC content screening moderation team regularly investigate and enhance our outsourced moderation services by this your brand will remain strong and your community will be protected ”” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 35 languages.

UGC Content Screening Services

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Content Moderator Services

1. Effective Campaign

Our professional content moderators ensure that all sorts of content uploaded on online platforms are reviewed and that prompt and effective actions are taken to moderate them.

UGC Content Customized Service

2. Customized Service

We are here to give a totally tailored solution based on resource availability, financial limits, and schedules, making content moderation more personalized and adaptable.

Content Screening

3. Cost-Effective

To ensure that our clients’ budgets and financial capabilities are met, we provide a very cost-effective content moderation solution that always maintains quality and efficiency.

We Have Experience In The Next 4 UGC Moderation Services

UGC Moderators

Blogs And Comments

Image Forums And Videos

Ratings And Reviews

Social Media Posts

Online Hashtags Campaigns

Automated Content Filtering

Website Defamatory Screening

1. Review Moderation

By confirming the quality and validity of user reviews, our teams of UGC Content Screening moderation specialists will help you retain a clean reputation. We remove profanity, threats, biased comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language, promotional material, and content that doesn’t bring value to your customers from problematic content.

2. In-Game Chat Moderation

Hundreds of messages are exchanged per minute in in-game live chats or IM systems. The level of prowess, cultural variations, and the unpredictable aspect of human nature can all contribute to amusement becoming abuse. Our crew is familiar with the nuances of gaming cultures and can monitor and regulate inappropriate discussions, ensuring that all gamers have a positive, enabling online gaming experience.

3. Forum Moderation

Place moderators help to maintain a clear and structured discussion by preventing off-topic comments from turning attention away from other well-established problems. Our teams will ensure that all threads are monitored in actual to ensure compliance with your standards and policies, with a focus on multilingual and morally aware moderating.

4. Community Moderation Services

In branded areas, we assist in growing sales and keeping the client engagement. Our community UGC Content Screening moderation features are meant to promote visible and on-brand conversations that help you sell your business.

We Ensure Content Images, Videos & Comments Moderation Services Under UGC

In settings where people engage in online activities, moderation is becoming more important. As a result, we provide human-powered high content screening moderation services for a variety of online platforms, covering the regions where such moderation is required in a timely manner. Purchase a data-driven content moderation solution to safeguard your business’s reputation and aslo the marketability of your brand’s goods and services.

Our outsourced teams of multilingual moderators ensure consistent brand and user protection by reviewing comments, posts, reviews, conversations, and all other sorts of written online communication on your official channels.

1. Images Moderation


You have the choice to filter out problematic submissions and raise the bar for future uploads on your brand-owned social media accounts. Our image moderation teams protect your brand against damaging photos and images by constant monitoring, optimal reaction speed, sound copyright knowledge, and an eye for cultural nuances.

2. Comment Moderation


To eliminate toxic information from online sites and blogs, professional content moderation is usually necessary.

User comments on dedicated brand pages and blogs are screened by our  moderation specialists to ensure that they comply with posting rules, and those that do not are dealt with according to the set metrics.

Our comment moderation team helps your company by giving the best comment stable comment services.

2. Audio/Video Moderation


We understand how critical it is to make audio and video material available to your channels and communities. Our end-to-end online audio-video moderation solutions handle a variety of problems, from copyright infringement and business promotions to damaging propaganda and obscenity.

Every community and company model can benefit from our customized outsourced audio and video moderation services. We help brands from different industries acquire a devoted. UGC moderation specialists – your brand will be protected from problematic content around the clock and in over 35 languages.


3. Video Moderation:


Our outsourced video moderation services combine human moderation professionals with cutting-edge technology to deliver quick and accurate results at a low cost.

Our multilingual teams of content screening specialists can censor live-streaming and regular uploads based on your demands by reviewing the whole duration of the video according to standard or bespoke rules, including quality scales, IPR, length, language, theme, and more.

Video moderation team won’t miss a single frame thanks to the usage of user reputation scores, onboarding analysis, and unique element identification algorithms.


4. Audio Moderation:


From start to finish, invite clients to post audio material to your website or brand channel should be a good experience. Our multilingual outsourced team’s review, define and cut out the bad, hostile, or IPR-infringing audio content based on your own laws.

We assess the skills and content aspects of audio recordings to make sure they fully comply with all general and maker factors.

We adapt our skilled and tools to your systems and methods for gotten better brand needs to be aligned, clarity, and brand protection.

 Our UGC Screening Process Improve Search Engine Rankings

Social media is never-ending. You’re well aware that a catastrophe might strike at any time. A single poor tweet can have a long-term negative impact on a company’s sales. As the social media brand manager for your company, you must ask: Are you prepared for the worst to happen at any time? If the response isn’t a resounding “yes,” it’s time to consider enlisting the help of an expert.


We offer social media moderation services as a global leader in community management to foster dialogues and deal with customer service issues. Text moderation, automated engagement replies, video & photo moderation, content moderation, and more services may all be customized to your company.

How Our UGC Content Screening Moderation Team Protects Your Company From Crisis?


Using websites, social media, catalog pages, and other venues, this marketing strategy disseminates word-of-mouth. It educates and influences consumers widely in both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce firms, acting as the equivalent of a personal recommendation.


1 . Social listening and social media moderation of brand links for self – starter crisis management.


2 . Manage worldwide social media content in several languages to engage your whole customer base.


3 . Your online areas are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve got you covered with our global employee working 24/7.


4 . To improve your ROI, use sector social media management systems and data-driven decisions, with a better content screening service.


Utilizing consumer-generated content has recently emerged as a new way for businesses to reach the same objectives as advertisements or original content without making as significant an investment. UGC is successful because it accomplishes this while still being relatable and honest.

UGC Content Screening Process

Our content screening service protects your brand and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In every language, our global network of highly experienced moderators uses industry-leading techniques to keep your channels free of harmful user content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Our UGC Screening Exposure Your Brand To New Audiences

Your brand’s reputation is sway by what people say about you. You must ensure that your pages, chances, and customers have a safe and friendly online and social media presence. You require brand protection on the internet.

We manage the plane, we assist you in getting more work done. Want to learn more about how our Content Screens and monitors service can help you? Get in touch with us today.


1. Using cost-effective pricing

Our customers that outsource picture comment to us benefit from a low-cost data terming solution that enables them to make the most of their project.


2. Accuracy And Quality


Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest level of clarity, quality in performance in picture analysis through many steps of data auditing and review.


3. Completely Scalable Service


The functions of content screening process include working with hundreds of people to mark images as for and producing a completely powerful solution to fulfill the demands of varied clients.


4. Privacy And Security


Working together with our clients to maintain proper standards for data security and privacy, we also aim to secure their privacy.


5. Increases participation:


Users of UGC are encouraged to take action. User-generated material encourages its readers to do more, learn more, and even crave more, whether they are visiting your Facebook page or your website.


6. Delivers SEO benefit:


User-generated content is high-quality, complimentary content. The more high-quality content you have, the better your SEO ranking will be in general. Don’t miss this guide if you want to learn more about how to increase ranking with UGC.


7. Grows the number of your followers:


A review or mention of a company, good or service by one person inspires others to like it, increasing the number of people exposed to your social media accounts, many of whom will decide to follow you.


8. Assures purchasing choices:


Consumers who aren’t sure about a product will conduct some study to make sure their choice is the best one. More than any advertisement or product description ever could, UGC has an impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

FAQ for UGC Content Screening Services

Do you provide content moderation services mainly?

You want a content screening specialist, not a jack of all trades. Your moderating partner should ideally focus solely on content review. The process of content analysis is getting and complex, and it requires a third person focus.

Are clients allowed to visit your facility?

Prospective moderation content screening partners should be willing to have you visit their offices, or if the distance is too large, request images and/or a video tour, given all of the recent news about horrible working conditions.

Do you offer live, human moderation?

The role of human moderation in the content screening process is crucial. AI is required to moderate big volume applications.

How large is your current moderation team?

Your partner should be able to scale up and down with your project fast.

How quickly your team review receiving content?

This tool will relieve you from needing to create a content moderation screening if you don’t currently have one. On behalf of your moderating partner’s team, you will interact with the API using their own closed source technology. Their team scales up using these systems.

Do you offer agile pricing plans?

You’ll want to examine a list of moderation services and their costs. That way, if you’re just getting started with UGC, you’ll have a variety of low-cost solutions to select from. As your content screening volume grows, the freedom to migrate to custom plans becomes as critical.

We Monitor UGC Content Screening Based on Platform-specific Rules and Guidelines

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