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Professional Alternatives has been building a database of candidates, giving us access to the best remote talent you need to achieve your business goals. In these uncertain times, we can easily bring new remote employee into your team. Our Offshore Onboarding team understands that for some companies, hiring remote employee can be a new and challenging process, so let our experienced HR team be your preferred remote HR partner.

Offshore On/Offboarding Employee Service

Contingent Staffing

The scalable temporary workforce staffing process enables truly flexible staffing to meet your ongoing and future business needs.

Ensure Compliance

Fully manage and supervise your contracts and temporary employees to ensure the compliance of the entire organization.

Internal Capacity

Important internal capabilities of your salary, finances, accounts payable, human resources, and hiring manager community.

Better Decision

Full visibility of flexible temporary workforce supports better strategic business decisions.

Strategic Plan

Maximize cost efficiency by formulating strategic employment plans and reducing reliance on recruitment agencies.

Contractor Payroll

Independent contractors are generally paid through accounts payable rather than through payroll and are often paid through a third party such as a staffing agency or managed services provider (MSP).

Cost-effective Remote Employee Onboarding Process


Remote onboarding can be totally different from what your organization is normally used to, particularly in the event that you have been working out of an office and are utilized to face to face interchanges. With the assistance of innovation, you can reproduce the vibe of an in-house preparing program that will leave your fresh recruits propelled and anxious to begin. Here are probably the prescribed procedures to think about while onboarding distant representatives.


Give Remote International Hires a Big Welcome


Since the new worldwide recruit will not be meeting anybody face to face, plan the whole group on a video call during their first day to meet their collaborators. This assists the fresh recruit with beginning structure connections right away.


Assign a Mentor or a Welcome Buddy


Assign a mentor to help the global recruit through the a little while is vital for them feeling arranged in their new job. They can ask the coach any inquiry about the organization or their work without feeling like they’re troubling a boss. A coach likewise ensures that they have a colleague to rely on in the event that they’re feeling confined.


Give the Fresh Recruit an Itemized Preparing Plan


During the distant onboarding meetings, the worker will encounter how the organization capacities, so they must have an all around arranged and point by point plan. This can remember preparing for innovation or projects the organization utilizes, participating in colleagues’ gatherings or calls, and meeting representatives from various offices.

Checklist for Remote Onboarding International Hires

To make the distant onboarding measure simpler and to guarantee that nothing is missed, we’ve arranged an agenda for you to follow. Make their timetable for the primary week so they acquire fundamental abilities for their job while additionally giving them breaks and registration all through the cycle. Send them all important innovation and admittance to online stages, alongside itemized directions for signing into their PC, programming, and work messages. Timetable a group video call so they can meet their new collaborators and become familiar with the group culture. Relegate a coach who will help them feel great and answer any inquiries they may have during direction and preparing.

Simplify Challenges for Onboarding Remote Employees


However much remote employee are doing fun, it likewise has a few difficulties. Feature where the potential detours are to guarantee that the fresh recruits will have a positive offshore onboarding experience.


Feeling Isolated


Offshore onboarding can be fulfilling, but on the other hand there’s the danger that the representative would feel separated. Open correspondence through moment courier and video calls, notwithstanding standard registrations, are fundamental with the goal that the new staff feels appreciated and associated with organization undertakings.


Embracing the Company Culture


Getting a handle on and understanding the organization culture is testing when you’re not encircled by it in an office setting. It tends to be hard to get subtleties and associations through online correspondence. Furthermore, participate on office jokes and talk could take some time, on the grounds that the individual is new as well as independent them.


Distinctive Time Zones


Distant worldwide recruits are possible going to be in an alternate time region than the principle gathering of workers and this can be intense. Attempt to be accessible to these workers however much as could be expected and give them assignments that they can finish freely from every other person.

Remote Onboarding is Challenging, But Eicra soft Ltd Has Your Back

Recruiting abroad ability is both a fulfilling and testing experience, yet you can unquestionably lean more towards the previous by joining forces with the right offshoring supplier. Eicra soft ltd is unparalleled with regards to recruiting far off ability. Our start to finish oversaw administrations smoothes out the worldwide employing interaction to help you track down the best ability at the least expense, with little weight on your end. We offer admittance to exceptionally gifted people in the Eicra soft Soft Network, saving you up to 70% on your finance. Timetable a free meeting today.

Guaranteed substantial savings on payroll

Less time spent on transactional HR functions.

Increased productivity and profitability

Flexible HR  solutions for employee onboarding

Reduction of employee turnover rate0%
Services delivered ahead of deadline0%
Virtual employees working 45 hours per week0%

FAQ For Offshore Employee Onboarding 

Why should be you more focus on well-designed service like Eicra?

You should well informed that a poorly designed onboarding programs results onboarding Inferior worker morale, lower levels of employee engagement, poorer confidence among staffs, a lack of trust within the organization and neglected revenue targets are among the other negative impacts of not having a systematic onboarding program. Therefore choose Eicra to resolve these problems.

What is an onboarding fee?

Onboarding expenditures include all the equipment as well as working hours involved in facilitating a new hire successfully transition into your company. Precisely, onboarding costs may include the following: Laptops, monitors, phones, and other physical equipment. Moreover, tools and software employees need to do their work

Why is onboarding so expensive?

Another hidden cost of onboarding comes from the less productivity that comes from training periods it is the time during which a new hire is still learning their role and getting familiarized to the work environment. tries to keep this training session more effective and short.

How helps in retaining employees?

Onboarding is also crucial because once the new hire is adapted and engaged with the company, they are more likely to stick around the company. focus on retaining employees, as because it is vital for reducing high-turnover rate and is also very expensive go through full procedure . How much it will cost the business to hire someone new depends on the position. It can may costs16%, 20% or higher than this.

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