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Dedicated To Resolve Disputes Of IP Complaint Regarding Patents, Designs And Trade Marks.

Innovative Intellectual Property (IP) Services

Intellectual property or resource is elusive in nature and is a formation of human psyche or astuteness, explicitly, a thought, creation, revelation, proprietary advantage, measure, program, information, equation, patent, copyright, brand name, and plan and so on.

Our firm includes well Intellectual property advisors and experts who acquired their insight during a few times of involvement. We offer a wide scope of licensed innovation administrations and ability to protect your immaterial resources, for example, brand name enlistment,  patent enrollment and so forth.

Intellectual Property - IP Services

Protect Your Invention, Brand & Design  With Intellectual Property Services

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Copyright is a lawful term used to depict the rights that makers have over their scholarly and imaginative works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, artistic creations, figure and movies, to PC programs, information bases, commercials, guides and specialized drawings.

Licenses Intellectual Services


As a rule, a patent furnishes the patent business with the option to choose how or regardless of whether the development can be used by others. In return for this right, the patent proprietor makes unique data about the innovation to get freely in the distributed patent record.

Brand names Property Services

Brand Names

A brand name is a sign fit for recognizing the products or administrations of one venture from those of different undertakings. Brand names date back to antiquated occasions when skilled workers used to put their mark or “imprint” on their items.A brand name identifies a specific company.

Our Fast- Growing Firm Offers 3 More Intellectual Property Services:

1. Modern Plans

A modern plan comprises the elaborate or tasteful part of an article. A plan may comprise of three-dimensional highlights, like the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional highlights, like examples, lines or shading.

2. Topographical Signs

Topographical signs and monikers of beginning are signs utilized on merchandise that have a particular geological beginning and have characteristics, a standing or qualities that are basically inferable from that spot of beginning.

3. Innovator Assistance Program (IAP)

The Inventor Assistance Program matches agricultural nation creators and independent companies with restricted monetary methods with patent lawyers, who give free lawful help to get patent security.

More Intellectual Property Services are

Easy & Cost-Effective Intellectual Property Services


More organizations are understanding the significance of their protected innovation as resources. IP can help organizations hit their income targets and cut out a way for future administrations and items.


Keep up with and secure your IP portfolio. A few elements that don’t sell real items however rather depend on suit as income producing strategies go after shortcomings in an organization’s IP rights. Proficient devices and administrations can help you battle this danger.


Stay on the ball to keep away from expensive prosecution just as a situation in which a contender can stop your business activities. You could end up without help or an item to sell if your IP rights are refuted because of prosecution.


Different organizations may endeavor to assault you and remove your important IP rights. They may likewise attempt to encroach on your privileges. Encroachment could be outrageous, requiring suit, or it very well may be minor, even incidental.

Intellectual Property Legal Services in Bangladesh

“Our mix of worldwide ability, assists us with prompting our customers, both in Bangladesh and abroad, on outlining techniques for getting the appropriate exchange/administration checks, licenses, and copyright applications. We additionally help our customers on the support and insurance of set up brand names, licenses, and copyright.”

Intellectual Property Services Enhance Business Efficiency

Licensed innovation is of huge worry to individuals who are firing up their own organizations. Licensed innovation results from scholarly inventive cycles and in this day and age may surpass the worth of an actual property like machines and structures. In present worldwide economy shielding licensed innovation from encroachment has happened to most extreme significance.


To ensure your item, image, and notoriety secure your business.


Protected innovation can be grouped into following 4 classes:


Brand name – This demands Trade Name, administration, items and Logo.

Copyrights – All sorts of innovative work which incorporates Art, Literary Work and Music.

Patent – Registration of Patent if there should arise an occurrence of development/creation, Process.

Proprietary advantage – measures, codes.

Advantages of Availing Intellectual Property Services  

“Business Setup Worldwide gives a total set-up of Intellectual Property Services which targets ensuring and enrolling the personality of your business and handling any conceivable encroachment.
Our extent of work incorporates:

1.Brand name and Logo Registration

2.Copyright Registration and Protection

3.Patent Registration

4.Proprietary advantage Protection”

Get 6 Intellectual Property Services In Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Design To Simplify Your  Search, Drafting, Filing & Registration

1. Separate

Put your business aside from contenders and stay on right track.

2. Competitive Edge

Get a benefit by getting your exceptional thoughts and innovations.

3. Value

Licensed innovation can be sold, the other hand utilized as a security for advances.

4. Development

Secure your business development in a supportive way.

5. Showcasing

IP is a necessary piece of your business showcasing and marking.

6. Financial Backers

Secured IP is an absolute necessity for all financial backers.

IP Service includes patent, trademark, design patent, copyright

We Ensure Accuracy in Every 5 steps of Intellectual Property Procedure.

1. Experience
2. Everything in one place
3. We speak your language
4. Transparent fees structure
5. Dedicated account management

Intellectual Property – IP Services

Do you handle litigation services for any breach of Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangladesh require a lot of experts to handle the matter carefully. Moreover, our experienced attorneys be responsible for litigation services for any breach of Intellectual Property Law. Our service includes issuing and/or reply legal notices for any infringement of Intellectual Property rights, filing litigation, be present in hearings etc.

Do you guide or counsel your clients to take decisions?

Our combination of global skills assists us to advise our clients, both in Bangladesh and abroad, on mapping out plans for gaining marks, patents, and applications. Moreover, we also assist our customers on the maintenance and protection of well-known trademarks, patents, and copyright.

What are the general service sectors? give legal advice to a firm, that runs as a venture capital firm and who invests in consumer, retail, technology, internet, energy, clean tech,  and sectors regarding trademark filing.

Is there a time limit on property?

In general, Intellectual Property Rights are granted for 20 years from the date the patent application is filed. However, charges are a must to maintain the demand of the patent.

In Bangladesh can a patent be renewed once it has been expired?

Some nations permit patent term to decide in case of delay. However, In Bangladesh, no patent term adjustment or patent term is allowed.  Therefore, once a term is expired, patents can’t be renewed.

We’re committed to help you in protecting intellectual property rights

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