Outsource Payroll For Your Small Business

How Can You Outsource Payroll For Your Small Business?

It’s no secret that small businesses may struggle with payroll handling. Numerous duties must be completed when running a small firm in order to efficiently manage a workforce.In fact, a survey found that up to 45% of smaller companies cited avoiding errors as a factor in their decision to outsource payroll.

But what exactly does payroll outsourcing mean? How would that affect your small business, specifically?  We are available to guide you through it. Finding a top-notch outsourcing service can simplify payroll management and reduce the likelihood of errors.

What Is Outsource Payroll?

If you outsource payroll for the small company, experts with professional training will handle the entire process, giving you back time in your hectic workday. Once your payroll is set up, these professionals work as an extension of your company to handle all aspects of payroll processing and reporting. 

Including tax deduction calculations, meeting govt remittance deadlines, trying to prepare your payroll for year-end, and responding to employee inquiries about pay. You, as the employer, must make sure that the hours worked and employee information presented are correct.

Why Should Payroll Be Outsourced?

Payroll outsourcing can be very advantageous for many small firms. End-to-end outsourcing payroll services can assist your company save time. In addition, lower compliance risk, and guarantee that your employees are being paid correctly and on time so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Each small firm must decide whether to outsource payroll and maintain an in-house payroll department. 

We’ve put together such a checklist of items to think about as you examine your payroll outsourcing alternatives in order to help you make the best choice for your business.

  • Does maintaining compliance cause you stress?

For companies of all sizes, compliance is a crucial issue. In particular, for smaller companies, it can be challenging to keep up with the rapidly evolving legal landscape and adjust your company practices to meet the new criteria. 

  • Are you able to use your time more effectively?

It can take a long time to add a new worker to payroll because you have to fill out numerous forms, enter all the necessary information by CRA and/or RQ, and figure out how much you pay each employee.

  • Do you have a mountain of payroll paperwork to deal with?

Forget about the number of files on your desktop and the quantity of papers on your desk. One advantage of outsource payroll is that it allows you to go paperless, or at the very least, drastically reduces the quantity of paper you need to sort through in order to understand payroll.

Steps For Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll outsourcing is less difficult as it may seem. A little work now will also spare you a ton of trouble afterwards. Here are the actions you may take to guarantee a smooth transfer.

  • Decide on a budget

It’s a good idea to establish a budget in place before committing, as is the case with anything in the business world. Good news! Outsourcing payroll with full-service doesn’t have to be pricey.

  • Select the kind of service you’d like to use

What areas of your payroll might benefit from outsourcing the most? Are there any facets of managing payroll, taxes, and benefits for employees that you are certain you want to maintain in-house? 

As you search for the ideal payroll provider for your business, be sure to consider the answers to these questions.

  • Conduct research

The preceding step is closely related to this one. Without conducting thorough research first, it is impossible to tell which payroll processing system is best for your business.

  • Select the appropriate payroll service

It’s time to select a payroll provider after you’ve established your budget, defined what you require, and explored your possibilities. You should look for a provider who can swiftly and simply integrate with your present payroll process when making your selection.

What To Keep In Mind While Picking A Payroll Service Provider?

When it came to outsourcing payroll, there are several topics to discuss. Keep the following in mind as you begin to consider your payroll solution:

  • The management of duties including employees’ wages, personal income taxes, benefits, and other things is called payroll outsourcing.
  • If you see that managing your payroll takes up a lot of time, money, results in mistakes frequently, or causes a delay in paying employees, you should probably think about outsourcing your payroll.
  •  Payroll outsourcing simplify the processing of your payroll. You can utilize that energy to think of innovative ways to operate your company rather than wasting it on internally processing payroll.
  • Payroll outsourcing has a lot of advantages, including: Time and money savings.
  • Reliability and adherence to tax laws.
  • Flexible HR solutions.
  • Direct deposit is quick and simple.
  • You can begin your payroll outsource process by choosing a service, choosing a budget, deciding what services you require, and conducting research.
  • Payroll outsourcing may help you regain control of your company and free up time to concentrate on the aspects of running a business that you enjoy.


1. Is it wise to outsource the payroll function?

Ans: Employers may be able to save both money and time by outsourcing payroll. Employers can concentrate on corporate growth goals because they don’t have to put in long hours doing administrative labor, and increased accuracy can help avoid expensive fines.

2. Can I do my own small business payroll?

Ans: The DIY route can save you money if you don’t have extra money to spend on a payroll service. Although doing manually payroll isn’t the easiest operation, you can handle it yourself for your small company if you have the correct information, enough time, and a reliable calculator.

3. Is it worth doing your own payroll?

Ans: For your small business, DIY payroll might make the most sense if you simply have one or two employees. However, the more staff you need, the more hours you’ll have to spend on payroll, that can divert your attention from other areas of your organization.

Bottom Line

Eicra.com uses a PEO‘s payroll services for your company. We make sure the PEO is operating properly throughout the procedure.  We also guarantee that your company is operating legally. Clients should make sure they work with a PEO that is mandated to uphold strict tax and financial reporting regulations in order to lower risks.  In addition, just as we do for our clients, we offer financial guarantee and follow industry best practices.

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