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Employer Of Record Service : Why You Can Rely On It

Employers of record services have become popular as a way to quickly and easily hire remote talent around the world. We go over the benefits and disadvantages of EOR services and how they compare with similar employment models. Everything you need to know about services provided by employers of record, including how they function and the services they offer. However, The global Employer of Record Services market size is projected to reach US$ 5564 million by 2028, from US$ 4345.128 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 9.8% during 2022-2028. Let’s go to know more….

Why Use an Employer of Record?

By handling the legal relationship with the local authorities on your behalf, an EOR solution enables you to hire individuals in locations you may not have before set foot (figuratively). EORs are able to achieve this because, in contrast to your organization, they are already recognized as legal entities in each of these jurisdictions and are familiar with all relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

No matter how onerous and complicated the local employment rules are, an EOR will work with the governmental, tax, and employment authorities to guarantee that every new hire you make is legally and compliantly hired.

How Employers of Record Are Transforming Global Employment

The demands and long-term objectives of your business will ultimately determine whether you select a GEO, PEO, or EOR. When you consider how time-consuming and expensive it is to set up a local branch abroad, the advantages of employing an Employer of Record model become clear.

An EOR assumes responsibility for ensuring a smooth and legal onboarding of the employee in question and gives you a framework to make sure you and your business are as legal as possible when hiring employees anywhere. This freedom allows you to concentrate on the long-term objectives of your business.

Employer Of Record (EOR): What Does It Do?

An employer of record employs individuals abroad on your behalf. If your company is situated in the UK, for instance, you may utilize an EOR to engage a worker in Bangladesh. An employer of record can handle a range of HR and legal functions, such as:

  • Payroll processing for employees abroad
  • Allow businesses to legally hire full-time employees in other nations
  • Organize the administration of benefits for foreign personnel.
  • Control of international contractors
  • Give employees stock options across international borders

Employing staff in various states or regions of the same country may also be advantageous to businesses.

When using employees as contractors, caution must be exercised. A critical issue that can lead to harsh fines and penalties is the misclassification of multinational contractors.

How Much Does It Cost to be An Employer of Record?

The wages of your employees are used to calculate the cost of percentage rates. This organizational structure might make sense for a small workforce, but in the long run, it might be more expensive to retain skilled staff through awards, promotions, and pay raises. The industry norm used to be percentage rates, but as flat rates become more and more accessible over time, more businesses are making the switch. 

You only pay for the service once per employee when using flat prices. Depending on the needs of each employee, an Employer of Record normally costs $250 to $500 per month per employee. The flat rate pricing system may cost more up front, but it will save you money over time. By being aware of this, you may have additional opportunities to allocate your resources or fund more effective company projects.

Responsibilities of an Employer of Record

Let’s look more closely at the duties an employer of record has to perform in order to comprehend the significance of EOR for businesses preparing to establish global headquarters. The majority of the time, EOR organizations carry out the following vital duties:

  • Represent a business as a proxy organization that is a recognized employer in the area and in charge of paying employees.
  • Ensure adherence to regional labor and tax laws .
  • Fill out tax and insurance paperwork on behalf of the employer.
  • In the event that an overseas employee needs to be relocated, arrange for the required work permits and visa-related paperwork.
  • Provide consulting services to the business regarding the region’s best methods for hiring new employees, paying severance, or terminating contracts.

Why Choose EicraBD?

Employers of Record services are offered by EicraBD through a platform that is easily accessible to you. Our software enables you to automate staff administration and payroll processing. You may be sure that our user-friendly approach will make it easy for you to integrate our technology into your company. 

Ready to simplify your HR processes with a reliable EOR partner? Speak with one of our business consultants at EicraBD right away.


Ultimately, there is no substitute for an Employer of Record (EOR) organization if you’re searching for a simpler approach to manage international hiring and employee benefits. Using an EOR should make everything easier: you may reduce your tax liability, collaborate with a dependable partner, and take pleasure in the peace of mind that comes from unloading the stress of managing foreign recruiting. Please get in touch with us if you can’t seem to find the solution you’re looking for; we’d be pleased to help!


1. How much does it cost to be an Employer of Record?

The cost will vary depending on the Employer of Record; they may charge a flat monthly fee or a percentage of the employee’s earnings. However, in many cases, there may be additional expenses that are not immediately disclosed.  To properly comprehend the expense of hiring an Employer of Record, thoroughly read the commercial agreement.

In our situation, Boundless bills 8% of the entire payroll that is processed each month. Which is:

1. Gross salary received

2. Employment taxes (depending on the jurisdiction)

3. Contributions to a pension as well as any other perks 

2. What are the procedures for billing and invoicing an Employer of Record?

After you’ve made any necessary adjustments and the processing is finished, we send you an invoice bill for a single amount in your local currency every pay period. 

The cost of processing payroll in its entirety, including our fee of 8% of the total monthly processed payroll, is accessible. Your staff receives payment in their own currency after you pay us. Additionally, we correctly file and pay their taxes in their native nation.

3. How do I begin working with a Record Employer?

Before using an Employer of Record, you should probably familiarize yourself with the labor prices in the nation where you plan to work. 

For a thorough breakdown of the pay you intend to offer. After that, you can contact us. 

Please let us know which nations you require assistance with, and we’ll arrange a brief consultation call to address any technical queries you may have.

  • Local hiring
  • Local employment compliance insurance, 
  • Stock options, 
  • And pension benefits


You will also be informed of any particular rules pertaining to lawful employment, employment contracts, addressing conflicts, and terminating agreements in each country. We will share with you a comprehensive wage and tax breakdown for each employee in each nation.

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