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Managed Onsite IT Services And Network Infrastructure Security Solutions

However, we are the leading onsite IT service provider in Bangladesh. In addition, we offer 24/7 call center as well as support services and network infrastructure security solutions.
IT Maintenance PC Repair 24/7 Computer and Networking Service

Onsite Managed IT Support Services

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 Advantages of Our Onsite IT Support

Many organizations discover that they don’t always require IT support. Usually, when a requirement arises, there is an urgent and immediate necessity; but, beyond that, it is usually not cost-effective to keep an IT professional on staff. Companies that provide onsite support services, like PCH Technologies, have an energetic crew with a wide range of skills. As a result, we can send the most qualified candidate, saving your firm time in the recruitment process.

Some businesses attempt to handle these problems on their own, but doing so occasionally results in prolonged downtimes or diverts attention away from crucial business requirements. Any firm must have IT systems. When they function properly, they speed operations and simplify tasks. The moment something goes wrong, though, it’s a different scenario.

Fill out our form right now to learn how simply our support services can assist you if your company is suffering to deal with IT issues or to pay a support crew you only need occasionally.

IT Maintenance PC Repair 24/7 Computer and Networking Service
IT Maintenance PC Repair 24/7 Computer and Networking Service

Onsite PC/Server Repair & AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

We are aware that you desire the security that comes with having a successful cyber security strategy. We make it simple to begin the process of improving cybersecurity because of this. A range of IT security services are offered by our security professionals. You can schedule a free consultation with them, and they’ll assist you in making a decision and developing a plan that safeguards your staff, your customers, and your company.

IT Maintenance PC Repair 24/7 Computer and Networking Service

Hardware and Networking Solutions

We can assist if you are wasting too much time and money trying to solve your IT, managing your own IT staff, or outsourcing it to unqualified individuals. Our managed IT service package is made to keep your team and IT functioning smoothly while giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

Onsite Computer and Network Support remotely.

1. When Do I Need It Support, What Happens?

Based on their importance, the number of people the issue impacts, and other variables, managed IT support calls can be divided into three categories:

  1. Priority One: We prioritize helping you as soon as possible when your network breaks down or a large group of individuals can’t access an application that would allow them to perform their jobs.
  2. Priority Two: This is a medium priority call if only one user is experiencing issues with an application.
  3. Priority Three: These are low priority calls if someone simply needs security rights added to a folder and the request isn’t urgent.

2. What are services for managed IT infrastructure?

The maintenance of communication systems, databases, crowded data centers, and typically cloud storage and cloud infrastructure are all included in managed IT infrastructure services, which offer managed IT services across a whole company infrastructure. Employers of managed IT infrastructure services include corporate architects, programmers, and other highly specialized IT workers.

3. What advantages can Beacon ITS managed IT services offer?

  1. Affordable IT Services for Business
  2. Monitoring and administration of servers and workstations around-the-clock
  3. Help Desk Assistance
  4. Real-time reporting with assured response times
  5. For phone or in-person assistance, a group of knowledgeable administrators is accessible.
  6. IT spending that is affordable and predictable
  7. more robust network security
  8. solutions for data backup and disaster recovery
  9. Upgrades to regular maintenance
  10. Continuity in business

4. What is the price of a Managed IT Service Agreement?

Depending on the extent of the required services. However, it is important to recognize that there may be substantial cost savings because Beacon ITS, or managed services agreements through Eicra, are frequently less expensive than hiring an IT specialist full-time.

Annual Maintenance Contract – Onsite Remote Computer Onsite PC/Server Networking Repair AMC manual Maintenance Contract).

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