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We Simplify 6 Visa Documents Process For Your Work Permit

The purpose of a work permit is to avoid accidents by systematically identifying, communicating, mitigating, and controlling risk in dangerous regions, unusual circumstances, and potentially dangerous scenarios, such as shutdowns. 

1. Authority Letter

A power letter is a record that permits the holder to play out specific exercises in their nonappearance for a brief timeframe.

2. Photo

The photograph is given to the authority so you can be distinguished dependent on the equivalent. This part is crucial for visa processing.

3. Air Ticket

An air ticket is a ticket or pass that is moved by the explorer who is taking a trip for going starting with one area then onto the next.

4. Passport

An identification is a record that is needed at the hour of global voyages. It is given by the public authority of the nation to check the personality and identity of the competitor.

5. Id Proof Of Signatory

The ID confirmation of the host is to demonstrate their authenticity.It should be given as a PAN card duplicate or visa duplicate. ID Proof of Signatory Authority Person of Host.

6. Visa Conference

Without the power letter, the candidate isn't permitted to do appointed business in the interest of the benefactor. Proficient visa conference is suggested in such cases.

Be A Veritable Explorer

You should have a substantial and sincere goal behind venturing out to the country.

Qualified To Bear All Costs

You should have adequate assets to help yourself and any wards all through the stay with work permit.

Motivations To Return

You should have solid ties in your nation of origin that will guarantee that you will return after your visit.

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Be Acceptable Person

You should have a spotless criminal history and be of acceptable person.

Be Healthy And Active

You should meet the base wellbeing prerequisites by the authorities of work permit.

Fit For Qualified Rules

To be qualified to make a trip on a visa, you should meet the qualification for work permit.

Expert Legal Advice For Incorporation Of Foreign Company & Work Permit

We give Foreign business enrollment administration as indicated by the law of the country. Our organization oversees licenses, authorizations of exchanging, work permit, financial backers and abroad representatives visa, and FDIs. Eicra is familiar with preparing review, accommodation assessment, VAT and friends secretarial administrations. Alongside this highlights, the organization additionally give Foreign Company Formation/Registration Incorporation-( as 100 % own offer, Joint Venture, Partnership, Society, Branch/contact/Virtual or Representative office opening/Set up or Registration & expansion of branch office) and Permission from Board of Investment (BOI)/Ministry of government/Foreign Affairs or Concern Authority/some other collection of government or non government for work permit.

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) For Work Permit

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) oversees private area modern venture, branch office and contact office, outside of Export Processing Zone (EPZ). The business needs to distribute a paper commercial or online enrollment notice. This necessity isn’t generally required. The far off public ought to show up in Bangladesh with "E" (for representatives) or "PI" (for financial backer) type visa. You will require BIDA’s proposal for those kinds of visa. An exile ought to apply for a work permit. They ought to present the application to BIDA Within 30 days from the date of appearance of the far off public.


A proper work permit is essential for every foreign national who wishes to work overseas. An official document that grants you permission to work in Bangladesh is a work permit. You can go to a work visa agency in Bangladesh to obtain this crucial paperwork.

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Significant Notice:


When the Bangladesh visa has been truly, then, at that point a printed duplicate of visa sticker will be joined on a whole page in your identification. If it’s not too much trouble, check the subtleties cautiously for any spelling botches or potentially legitimacy and so forth

Length of Work Permit/Employment Visa:


A work license/business visa might be given for most extreme three (03) months with single, twofold or numerous sections. Length of stay in this class is most extreme 90 days in each visit. Augmentation up to three (03) a long time could be acquired from Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) in Bangladesh. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the legitimacy of the visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of movement on your application structure.

Association in Bangladesh:


An Individual who utilized in nearby/unfamiliar government/semi-government/contact/mechanical/business association or other comparable associations in Bangladesh. People named under nearby/unfamiliar government/semi-government project worker transport and in comparable association in Bangladesh. An Individual who plan to accomplish privileged work (without pay) with Registered NGOs in Bangladesh.

FAQ For Work Permit

1. As an expat am I eligible for a Work permit Visa?

The following expat may apply for a work visa in Bangladesh:

  • Any expat appointed as an expert/employee/adviser for any government or self-governing organization.
  • Workforces working in Export Processing Zones.
  • Personnel working for an NGO.

2.Expat’s spouse is qualified to enter the country with this Visa?

Staffs may choose to bring their spouses with them. In such cases, the same documents are essential for the candidate must also be submitted by the spouse of the applicant.

3. What is the duration of a Work Permit Visa?

Work Permit Visas are normally assigned for a maximum of three months. It is also the maximum period of your stay under this Visa.

4.What is application fee for work permit in Bangladesh?

An application for work permit should be submitted to BIDA, within 15 days from the date of arrival of the overseas national. Therefore, a charge of BDT 5,000 is applicable in this regard.

5. What happens if you extend your visa in Bangladesh?

If an expat overstay his/her visa, he has to pay a fine of BDT 200 per day for every day he has extended. If his overstay is more than 15 days, the charge is BDT 500 per day.

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