Managed Tailored Server Solutions

Virtualisation and Server clustering server At Eicra with our many years of experience in virtualisation, the most efficient results can be achieved.

Server optimization can help deliver this level of performance through the consolidation of resources and the reduction of excess expenditures. When implementing a server consolidation solution, organizations can take advantage of under-utilized servers by merging their processing workload with other servers. By combining the processes of multiple servers into a single efficiently running server, companies will save on operational resources. Entralised backup location with up to 500GB storage space simply added to your Virtual or root server, or order it right here as a single stand-alone product. Continuously monitor selected services and get instant error notifications via SMS, e-mail or phone call

Basic Security

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Emergency Security Protection Service to Stop DDoS Attacks

Eicra Radware offers a DDoS protection service to help stop DDoS attacks, neutralize the security risk, and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. Our DDoS mitigation solutions provide a set of patented and integrated technologies designed to detect, mitigate and report todays most advanced DDoS attacks and cyber threats. With dedicated hardware, fully managed services and cloud solutions that protect against DDoS attacks, Radware can help ensure DDoS protection and service availability.


Infrastructure Optimization and Virtualization

Some tasks that are performed on your server

Linux Operating System optimization

We will check your server applications and enable/disable services according to its usage. All useless services will be stopped.

Apache compilation and optimization

We will compile apache in your server with the minimal and required modules. This will help to run apache with low memory foot print. We will also configure the proper MPM

Mysql memory tuning

We will configure the mysql server memory settings and query settings. This will solve issues with slow query and temporary tables

HDD tuning

This is for increasing I/O performance and protection.

caching proxy configuration

Nginx is one of the best caching server. It have inbuilt compression facility and caching of static files. It will also protected from C10 issues. So running nginx as a reverse proxy will increase the server performance.

Memcached-ServerMemcached Server configuration (Optional)

It is a memory caching server. This will cache into memory. Mainly useful for big database access applications

Full Web Server Audit

1. Hardware/resources check (Disk i/o, RAM, swap, CPU).
2. Network checks.
3. Firewall and Security.
4. MySQL health check.s
5. Httpd (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, etc).
6. PHP (includes opcode check).
7. Hosting control panels (cPanel, Plesk, etc)
8. Server and web browser caching.
9. Audit includes full optimization estimate.

Full Web Server Optimization

1. Addressing any hardware bottlenecks.
2. Network Optimization.
3. Server I/O Optimization.
4. Firewall setup and/or optimization.
5. MySQL performance tuning.
6. Httpd (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, etc) performance tuning.
7. PHP performance optimization.
8. Control panel optimization (cPanel, Plesk, etc).
9. Server and web browser caching setup.

Full Web Server Optimization

1. Linux OS integrity check and optimization.
2. Email server security or port disabling.
3. Brute force protection.
4. Web applications.
5. Apache/http server.
7. Mysql hardening.

MySQL Performance Optimization

MySQL server needs to be optimized to perform well. It is often the slowest and most resource intensive process on your server. Optimization will be specific to your hardware and web application after reviewing 24 to 48 hours of run-time stats.

PHP Speed Optimization

PHP is setup using vanilla install by most web host. Web apps such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., depend heavily on PHP for every page load. My approach is to strip down PHP to use only the extensions required by your applications, setup PHP’s caching feature using the best method, tune PHP’s config file and ensure version compatibility with your code.

cPanel Optimization

cPanel is an extremely useful hosting panel that allows even non-admins to manage their web servers and websites all from a fairly simple GUI. But all this convenience comes with a ton of bloat and poorly optimized services that by default only focus on mass compatibility. With a one-size-fits-all default setup cPanel is often a resource hog. My cPanel optimization will look at lowering the memory footprint and CPU usage of ALL services that cPanel/WHM takes control of. Ensuring that more of your server’s resources are being made available for serving visitors.

CDN or Cloudflare Setup

No matter how fast your web server is, web browsers can only download so many images and static files simultaneously from a single source. As such, moving some or all of your images, css and js files to a CDN provider can greatly improve end-user page load speed. Or having Cloudflare accelerate your website using the same principles also results in a faster end user experience.