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Cost-Effective, Fast And Reliable Cloud Services

The benefits and flexibilities offered by moving your business to the cloud are undeniable. We, at provide you with cheap and efficient cloud hosting options and a number of cloud services to assist in making certain business processes smoother

Cloud Hosting provides Windows and Linux cloud servers, with high performance NVMe storage and robust, scalable databases capable of supporting your enterprise's data .

Cloud Storage

Our cloud services offer Unlimited Cloud Storage, enabling you to sync, back up, share or collaborate on your documents, media files, data, etc in an easy to use and secure cloud environment.

Distance Learning

Eicra Virtual Classroom is a mobile, easy-to-use service that provides a virtual classroom or an online academy, to be used for your educational organization and so on.

ERP Solutions

Eicra's Enterprise Resource Planning cloud services provide a window to monitor and manage all aspects of your business, such as selling, purchasing, manufacturing, projects.

CRM Solutions

Our cloud based CRM Solutions can be used to engage with customers, predict customer behaviors, maintain schedules, etc, to give you an edge on your marketing decisions.

HR/Payroll Solutions

Optimize your employee management process with our HR/Payroll services. It has all the necessary solutions to assist in recruitment, training and performance appraisal.

Cost Effective and Scalable Solutions
Cost Effective And Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, so do its needs in terms of cloud storage and computational power. Using virtualization techniques, our cloud services scale dynamically with your business, such that this process of growth is as smooth as possible and does not hamper existing processes. Our payment plans are affordable regardless of growth, and flexible so they may be changed anytime to suit your business needs.

Secure and Reliable Services
Secure And Reliable Services

Utmost care is taken to ensure that your data is secure in our hands. All our cloud services are pen-tested and reviewed by experts to ensure they are as safe as they can be. The physical data centers are made as secure as possible, and multiple redundancies are built into the network to ensure complete availability. Thus make our service secured and very reliable to our customers.

Flexible Payment Plans

24/7 Reliable Support

Automated Backups

Uptime Guaranteed

Private Cloud Services

A cloud infrastructure dedicated to your enterprise alone, ensuring you get the maximum storage and availability, enhanced security, and our complete support to make the move.

Public Cloud Services

Services are shared between businesses via the cloud infrastructure, to cut down on cost and resources, and are accessed via secure lines constantly monitored and maintained by our tech teams and security analysts.

Multi-Cloud Services

Services are moved to different public clouds, moving the service softwares to their most suitable cloud platforms.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud Services incorporate both a public cloud infrastructure and a private one. This could be useful for when you wish certain data to be more secure and separated than others.

Cloud Services

Certified Cloud Experts At Your Service has numerous Cloud Services (SaaS) to choose from, to help you boost your business into the modern age. These are housed on highly secure data-centers across a number of locations with numerous redundancies to avoid any form of network congestion. Our cloud experts are certified in various cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Security is our top most priority when providing these cloud services. We believe in accountability, and your data must never be harmed when it is in our hands. Therefore, we take all possible care to ensure maximum security. Our cloud infrastructures and solutions have been pen-tested and certified, and we keep back up and redundancies of all your data across number data centers, to ensure nothing can be lost or irrecoverably damaged.

Cloud Hosting Solutions For Fast Growing Websites

Outsource to Bangladesh and build a dedicated team without worrying about our services

Installation And Maintenance

24/7 Responsive Support

Our SaaS Services are managed and maintained completely by our tech team, so that you may focus on using the tools for your business without the hassle of managing the software.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model for distribution of software via cloud services providers. Independent software vendors, like, host applications on the cloud that may be contracted by businesses. This separates the maintenance and technical upkeep of the software from the business. This separation of concern means you only need to provide minimal effort to customizing the software, and focus on your business without having to worry about all the technical details of maintaining a cloud application such as data management, configuration, computational resource division and cyber security.

Our team of technical support staff and network and cyber security experts are constantly vigilant of any issues that may arise on your shift to cloud and are ready to help 24/7.

Background Verification

Eicra provides background verification service which protects members’ employees, clients, assets and brands with complete, accurate and compliant background screening solutions. Our cloud services providing experts can gather data on potential hires very efficiently and accurately, fulfilling your employment needs

CRM Solutions

Our Customer Relation Management solutions will present to you a clear and intuitive view of all your sales and marketing activities, so that you may respond quicker to your customer’s needs and demands, and stay on top of keeping up with market trends. The CRM solutions present a clear overview of your business activities, and provide tools to help automate your marketing and sales.

Some activities this cloud services help automate includes but are not limited to activity management, opportunity and pipeline management, partner relationship management, product and price list management, marketing ROI analytics, campaign management, call center features, etc.

Distance Learning

Eicra Virtual Classroom Software is a cloud platform dedicated for educational institutes, but may also be used by individuals or other businesses. A lightweight, mobile-friendly, browser based software, it has two modules: a virtual classroom, or an online academy.

This implementation using the SaaS model means you can set up your remote classroom immediately with minimal configurations. You may then leave all setup and servicing of this software to us, leaving you free to hold your online classes hassle free.

Project Management Solutions

We offer Project Management Solutions to businesses of sizes. These are designed to help with every step of the project planning process. All tools you may need to help in your agile development process are available on this solution, including the ability to create user stories, add estimation points, maintain scrum boards, burn down charts, gantt charts and cumulative flow diagrams, etc. These cloud services tools are simple to configure and personalize, so that your agile sprints planning process is fast and streamlined without the added worry of having to wrestle with the tools.

HR Management

Boost your productivity and performance with our state of the art HRMS Cloud solutions. It is an intuitive suite of software that enables you to fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities common in HR Management. You will have the ability to quickly access a multitude of tasks, including and not limited to recruitment, payment, employee performance, leaves, attendance, training, etc. All these are easily accessed through the cloud services, meaning far less hassle when it comes to collaborating with off-site branches for example.

FAQ For Premium Quality Cloud Services

What amount of work can I move to the Cloud Service?

There are many options for moving workloads to the’s Cloud service, and maximum will depend on your business and cloud strategy. You may choose to slowly move your complete IT environment to our Cloud service or just one task. We use the Cloud for data backup, both short term and long term. Furthermore, application-based workloads can also be moved to the Cloud (i.e. CRM, Marketing Automation, Etc.).Your Test and Dev operations can also be outsourced with our service or you can contact us for any other outsourcing services

What type of security parameters does the Cloud have in

Now a days with cyber-attacks on the rise, security is a major concern. Cloud service providers put many security parameters in place so that, in the event of an attack, your data is secure and can be restored. These strategies include encryption, identity management, and physical security. Our expert team also has business continuity plans in place that utilize redundant hardware, backup generators, and other measures to prevent downtime. Additionally,  Data center locations will also get security in place like badge access restrictions, security cameras, fences etc.

Is the Cloud Safe for personal information?

With many high profile hacks of personal information in recent years (most notably Target and Anthem)’s cloud service providers have worked to step up the security game for personal information. If a cloud provider of our company  has certifications in place for HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOC, they have been evaluated by a third party and deemed qualified to manage personal/ private information

How do I can feel confident that I can access my data? Cloud service providers will outline your access, security, services and support when you partner with them. To guarantee the accessibility of data, our cloud expert team develop a service level agreement (SLA). The Service Level Agreement will feature what happens in the event of an outage and protects the customer in certain situation

Do I have to bring my whole business to the Cloud?

Absolutely not! One of the benefits of using the Cloud is that you can take the portions that you want and leave the ones you don’t. cloud service has Cloud computing solutions scale from backing up your files online to moving your complete server infrastructure to the Cloud. The complicated part is figuring out which cloud computing solutions fit your business requirements. Hybrid setups have servers in your workplace and in off-site data centers. Connecting them up via a private VPN permits for virtually seamless integration

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