• PhpHolidays is complete real time Online Airline Reservation System and secure in PHP and MySQL developed under Zend framework.

    We have custom booking engines for the entire gamut of online travel and the solution will is able to meet each one of the client requirements.

    Our Airline reservation script System stores the following information:

    The Flight Details
    It includes the originating flight terminal and destination terminal, along with stops in between, number of seats booked/available seats between two destinations etc.

    Customer Description
    It includes customer code, name, address and phone number. This information may be used for keeping the records of customer for any emergency or for any other kind of information

    Reservation DescriptionIt includes customer code number, flight number, date of booking, date of traveling, (You may assume any other field/relation, if needed).

    Tour operator script is to be used following application:

    A request for booking/cancellation of flight from any source to any destination, giving connected flights in case no direct flight between the specified Source-Destination pair exists.

    It generates invoice according the pre-defined routes by admin. The application is smart enough to allow reservation on those routes which is not set by admin in order to take advantage of business traffic.

    Core Functionality & Purpose

    The Web-based "Airline Reservation module" is to simulate the basic concepts of an online Reservation system allowing passengers to make their reservation through your website. The modules enable the user/Airline passenger to perform functions like:

    Real time search of Airline Flights for any destination around the word.

    Displays a detailed list of available flights and make a "Reservation" or Book a ticket on a particular flight.

    Allowing you to accept order online and create invoice for customers.

    Accepting payment online and confirm reservation.

    Price management control.

    Freedom of customizing API setting via administrator's control panel to all integrated APIs (comes by default). Currently we support Wego and Expedia only but we do have plan to including more API vendors over the time. You can change API key , customer ID , Currency etc via admin area.

    Cancellation of an existing Reservation.

    Support both API version & Database version.




    Major Features:

    The Airline Reservation module has been introduced to facilitate accepting Air booking via your website and invoice them for payment. The few core features of this module are described as follows:

    Real time search of Airline Flights for any destination around the word.

    Search of Airline Flights supports all airports and all airlines.

    Freedom of customizing fare price and customize the routes.

    The system allows the airline passenger to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities, namely the "Departure city" and "Arrival city". In the "Reservations" function, the system initially prompts the passenger for the two travel cities and displays a list of airline flights that are scheduled for these cities.

    Flight Search result displays a list of available flights, the passenger is allowed to click on a particular flight and make reservations for that flight.

    When the passenger clicks the "Book Ticket" button to perform Flight Reservation, the system displays the "Airline Reservation" screen. The details for the selected flight are queried from the flights database or API and printed on the screen.

    The flight details shown are: Flight number, Flight Fare, Departure City, Departure date (day of current month), Departure Time, Arrival City, Arrival date and Arrival time.

    The passenger is then asked to enter his/her personal details like Name, Address, City, State and Contact Phone number before making reservation.

    When the passenger clicks "Book Ticket" to make the flight reservation, there are validations/checks performed like Availability. If the system is able to do a successful reservation, it creates an invoice for payment.

    Dynamic billing based on passengers, adult, child and enfant.

    Allowing unlimited calendar based reservation One way / Return reservation

    Cancel an existing Reservation.

    Accepting order online through payment gateway e.g. paypal , 2co etc.

    Customized payment gateway.

    Powerful administration and roll based privilege system.

    Freedom of customizing API setting via administrator's control panel to all integrated APIs (comes by default). Currently we support Wego and Expedia only but we do have plan to including more API vendors over the time. You can change API key , customer ID , Currency etc via admin area.

    Many more...


    FrontEnd WYSIWYG HTML Editors.

    Add / Edit / Delete Property with Details.

    Multi-Language Support just changing Language File only.

    Pubpshing Customized Ads from administration area.

    Google Adsense is added by default to earn ads revenue.

    Adding Google Map under each Property.

    Add / Edit status of Property eg. New, Sold, to be seen etc.

    Turn On /Off the features you need to include.

    Short report with "Arrange view" Details pnks.

    Viewing a Property image from various corners.

    back view Font view Dining Space Swinging etc..

    Create sub-admin with restricted privilege.

    Add /edit/ view /remove and manage register users

    Activate or De-activated a User

    Dynamic change of menu color, size,

    Global Administrative setting.

    Adding unpmited number of properties

    view / Edit / Delete existing properties.


    Viewing saved property by user.

    view / send or censor user feedback before pubpshing site.

    Add/Edit/Delete your Area or locations.

    Active / De-active / a property after sold or rented.

    Email alert before a property is being vacant to re-pubpshed.

    Adding unpmited property type.

    For example : Flat, House,Studio,Vacation Rentals etc..

    Matching Letting or selpng Property

    Viewing active / Expired / sold or rented property pst psting

    View and schedule the appointment request with cpents.

    Schedule Notification of GAS, Electricity, Water and other Certificates Expiry Date.

    Customize Email Templates & Newsletter

    Feedback management and Censoring bad words

    Categories / Sub-Categories based Photo Gallery of property Highpghts management.

    Search by psting id, city, state, zip, property type, property style, min price, max price, beds, baths, min sq ft, min lot size, garage or keyword.

    Browse properties by interactive Google map

    Many more.....

    Layout and Preferences

    All forms codes are valid XHTML and CSS2 / CSS3.

    Form Preview mode, before submitting the form.

    Allow you to add custom JavaScript and CSS to the page.

    Set your own page title for the forms.

    Customized the look with XHTML, CSS and Smarty.

    You have complete control over the class and style of each individual form element.

    • Privileges-N-Roles

      Managing Privileges & Roles

      The most secure way to manage privileges for users and roles is to confine use of privilege to commands in a rights profile. The rights profile is then included in a role. The role is assigned to a user. When the user assumes the assigned role, the privileged commands are available to be run in a profile shell. The following procedures show how to assign privileges, remove privileges, and debug privilege use.

      This Application has built-in permission system which was based on ACL architecture, so you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules.

      In Eicra's Application, there are three privilege levels, as well as an extra 'Administrator' privilege. The three privileges take effect per user per table, i.e. a user can have certain privileges on one table and different ones on another. By default software has three rolls such as Developer, Administrator and registered members. Roll is an encapsulated mode of permissions of various modules.

      The levels are

      VIEW: ability to read data only

      EDIT: ability to read and edit data

      MANAGE: ability to modify the database structure, i.e. create/delete tables, fields, reports etc., basically to build up and tear down databases. MANAGE also allows a user to unlock an individual record for editing if it has been locked.

      For people with less privilege, the user interface is simplified.

      Super Admin Privileges:

      In our application model, Super admin retains un-restricted access to the application. Super admin act a "root" positioning itself top of privileges hierarchy. Unlike other applications, "Administrator" privilege remain just under "Super Admin" which allows admin to performs all administrative task with a bit of limited access.

      The core idea is "Super Admin" is preserved for high tech technical staffs of web developer to configure the system/website accordingly to client's requirements. Site owner or head of team can perform his/her daily administrative jobs using "Administrator" access but admin can't garb the system due to limited privilege.

      Assigning Privileges:

      As an super administrator or, to assign privileges, use the Administrator module at the bottom of pane



      The administrator privilege doesn't apply to a particular table but is a global option that allows setting up of users, roles, assigning privileges and creating modules. If the number of users you manage starts to become large, you may want to assign them roles, which allows privileges to be managed on a mass basis. If a user has a certain role, he/she has all the privileges assigned to that role. Users can have more than one role.

      To assign privileges, click on the 'Administration' module then 'users' or 'roles'. This will allow you to select a user/role and assign table privileges. When setting user privileges, Eicra's Application will show any privileges that the user already has due to being a member of a role. In this example, the user has been given MANAGE privileges specifically on timesheets and performance criteria and is a member of a role that has MANAGE privileges on price list and roles.

      After having groups, you can create new user for each group. In order to create new user, you go to manage users (User/User in back-end), here you can create, edit, delete or active for any user. User will have default permission according the group that it belong to (thus one user can't belong to many groups). However you can still set special permission for individual user in a group from our User Management Modules.

      Global Roles

      (could be created via acl_users)


      has his/her own space under Members/membername where he/she can create/modify/submit his/her own documents. Members can't create new keywords - they are forced to use existing ones. In addition manager could promote Member to Owner or Reviewer for specified folders (or the whole site).


      Mr "Manager"; can do anything: add/modify users, add keywords, publish/revoke/modify content. Assigns local roles for users (promotes them to specific levels). Also manager is the one responsible and able to change page templates. Nobody else has this ability.

      Local roles

      (never try to create them in acl_users)
      MANAGER'S NOTE: don't create users with local roles in acl_users--things can go crazy. Assign roles for folders using local_role mechanism:


      This role is defined on a per-folder basis (acquisition works here just fine - make somebody the owner of a page , image or modules and he'll automatically own /a/b/c unless you specify manually /a/b/c to be owned by somebody else). An owner can also create a co-owner via local_roles and remove a reviewer (but can't assign one). This means: one folder can have more than one owner and they all will have the same rights in that folder. Owners can't assign roles beyond "Authenticated" and "Owner"


      This role is defined on a per-folder basis (acquisition works here just fine - make somebody reviewer of a page , image or modules and he automatically becomes a reviewer for plone/a/b unless you specify manually plone/a/b to be reviewed by somebody else). A reviewer can edit/publish content/metadata but cannot _create_ new content and play with local roles.


      From the all mentioned above current workflow for publishing looks like:

      Admin -» Member (Owner) -» (submit) -» Reviewer --(approve / publish) -» everybody view access

      Other options like retract, reject, visible and private are still available.
    • Rich WYSIWYG Editing

      Within this application everything is about WYSIWYG. Not just in the preview mode, but also in the concrete edit mode. This makes editing content really fun and easy and it hides the actual complexity of the powerful enterprise framework we are based on.

      In terms of WYSIWYG, our application reaches far beyond editing texts in an editor. It also supports editing images, previewing documents and videos and working simultaneously on different documents and objects by utilizing the multi-tab interface.


      WYSIWYG editing features

      Based on the renown TinyMCE editor

      Rich editing functionalities (Text formatting, Lists, Image, Links, ect...)

      Editing functionalities can be limited per content object and per editor

      Tightly integrated within application's drag-and-drop features>


      WYSIWYG editing of image assets

      Online image cropping, resizing, rotation and flipping

      Image adjustments like red eye removal, teeth whitening, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation

      Photo effects like vignette, heat map, water mark , pixelate, noise, poster, pastel

      Additional advanced online image editor with similar interface and functionality to Adobe® Photoshop® including layers, typographic settings and much more

      Editors based services

      Published News & Events


      Adding categories based news related to your properties.

      Dynamic News and Events information.

      Short news in homepage and link to News page.


      Publishing news and articles related to your company.

      Add, Edit and Delete news dynamically.

      Use of property various image related to this properties.

      Dynamic Menu Manager


      Create Unlimited Menu and Sub-Menus to write site contents.

      Edit / Delete menus to manage site contents.

      Change of menu style and size using CSS


      Edit / Delete an existing menu.

      Adding menu name / title and images.

      Freedom of choosing Menu.

      Content Manager


      This feature allows you to create and edit web-pages on-the-fly, manage search engine important elements of your web-pages, such as Title Element and HTML Meta Tags (Keywords, Description, Title, Abstract and Subject).

      There is a WYSIWYG Editor with an MS Word-like interface that enables you to format text and manage tables, forms, images, files and links.


      You can create pages based on design templates, generate an unlimited number of design templates and edit them, upload Macromedia Dreamweaver templates.

      The Editor easily switches between Edit, Preview and Source codes.

      Data Storage

      One of the best functions of our Integrated Web forms lets you store and aggregate the data from your web forms in your existing database as well as to send email. It also lets you create an unlimited amount of forms for any page of your website. This is a perfect choice for Registration, Contact, Survey, or any other custom field created web forms.

      Permissions and Security

      You can force forms to only show SSL secure pages.

      Set a maximum number of submissions allowed on a per form or per user basis.

      Ability to specify which user or user-group can able to view , edit and administer the forms.

    • One of the most important parts of a website is a properly created and configured web forms. If you are using the Eicra's application then the creation process of such forms has been quite simplified. You can connect with your visitors by creating forms that they will complete with an ease. Acquiring and aggregating data via custom fields has also been made easy and using our web Forms can helps you create secured forms in your website and capture valuable information from your clients or visitors.


      Create Custom Fields

      The possibilities of creating a form page for your website are unlimited. The Eicra's Integrated Web forms module offers just about every field option that you can imagine and you would need to include on your contact page. Some of these are:

      Radio Buttons

      Text Area

      Drop-Down List / Combo box

      Privacy Policy inclusion

      Check boxes

      CAPTCHA Security

      Text Fields

      File Uploading

      Features Integrated Web form

      The possibilities of creating a form page for your website are unlimited. The Eicra's Integrated Web forms module offers just about every field option that you can imagine and you would need to include on your contact page. Some of these are:

      Create unlimited number of web forms for different purpose.

      Create unlimited forms to capture your client's message and attachments.

      Different both standard and custom field type to choose.

      Single click to enable or disable your web forms.

      Complete control over all your form elements and it is 100% configurable.

      Multiple form actions to apply to submitted data.

      Specify a default value for each field - or allow it to be overridden by a string in the URL.

      You can allow uploaded files to be attached to the form submission.

      All form submissions can be saved to a built in database.

      Specify who can receive email notification for form submissions.

      Form Administration

      Speedy configuration of forms using 100% Ajax admin interface.

      Quick Start Guide to creating forms included.

      7 Different filters can be applied to change the submitted value.

      Set your own page title for the forms.

      All submissions can be emailed to unlimited people, including the submitter.

      Configure unlimited types of emails, each having their own content.

      Files & Folder Management


      Create a new Folder

      Assign an Read / Write privilege on a Folder

      Create new task under an Folder

      Upload file eg. docx, pdf, jpg related to tasks


      Communication between user and admin related with tasks.

      View / edit / close a Folder as per business demand

      Search Files or Folders

      User Login Privileges


      Allowing user to get access to a particular modules.

      Manager your user to restrict their access


      Creating Sub-admin / parallel admin of your applications.

      Review Management


      Allowing user to send their comments on specific article/ products/ pictures.

      Manage users review from admin panel dynamically.


      You can also create new review from admin panel and check pending reviews fo admin approval.

  • Multiple Points of Sale

    B2B - Allows Travel Agents access to your website for purposes of sales, register themselves, submitting product, and more.

    B2C - Allows consumers direct access to your website for purposes of sales, information access, order for service, and more.

    B2E - Allows reservations/call center employees online access to the reservations and ability to add 3rd party API for bookings operations.

    White Labels - for both agent and customer sites (B2B2B and B2B2C).

    White Labels - Check hotel, vacation rentals availabilities through interactive calendar.

    3rd Party - Enables a 3rd party business to interface through API and distribute your products through simple xml of SOAP integration. 3rd party can automatically and seamlessly transfer and display your products on their websites.

    Application's in built power

    Single Components Hotels, Flights, Vacation rentals, Tours Packages, Car Rentals, Transfers, Attractions, membership plan and others.

    Dynamic Packages Module Groups a minimum of two services (e.g. flight and hotel, car and flight , hotel and vacation rentals), and applies business rules to yield a single selling component. Enables cross-selling and up-selling of a variety of services. A significant time saver for the maintenance of system packages, it is possible to book either single or double destination packages.

    Sorting & Filtering Sort results according to Price, Name, Recommended or Availability. Apply your business preferences and promote or filter out products & suppliers from the range of available content sources, including in-house contracts and\or external links to online suppliers.

    Online polling Live interactive custom polling Like | dislike and point based preference tracking and sort by popularity.

    Check availabilities Check hotel, vacation rentals availabilities through interactive calendar.

    Maps View city map, showing various options including hotels. Maps are retrieved through Google Maps and other map providers.

    Multiple Language & Currency according to user preference.

    Web Development Add ons

    A well developed professional travel website can make a lot of difference to your business. We at Eicra understand your travel business needs. We have the expertise in developing professional travel based website and online Travel Software Design including integration with Global Distribution Systems including Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and more. Our Travel Website Design Services includes the following areas:

    Travel Website Development

    Travel based Web Script

    Central Reservation Systems

    Data Sharing, AJAX

    Affiliate API integration, XML integration

    GDS Integration

    Hotels Booking Software

    Airlines booking Software Solutions

    Railway booking Software

    Real Time travel booking

    Car Rental Software

    Hotel and Airline XML Integration

    Travel Portal Design

    All integration is carried out to fulfill individual requirements and needs of customer with additional fees.

    And many more...

    CMS based Modern Booking Kernel, engineered for high volume load and optimal system performance

    Customized GDS Engine for the flexible connection to external flight, rental car and hotel systems (Condition + Extra charge applied)

    Adaptable Internet Booking Engine

    100% LAMP, based on Standard web Application Server

    Completely browser based cross browser support

    MVC driven, automated code generation

    Absolutely platform independent