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Disk space and bandwidth
Disk space and bandwidth
up to 8GHz
Dedicated CPU Power
Superb Support SLA
Helpful trained staffs are listening
Dedicated IP
To use your own SSL
up to 8GB
Dedicated RAM
Redundant Backup
To physically remote server
Uptime Guarantee
100 Mb/s
Dedicated Connection
Automatic account backups
Money Back Guarantee
30 day refund policy
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Eicra Shared Web Hosting Service.

While a lot of people host their websites with the web hosting service providers, it is important for them to know the various kinds of hosting available for their sites. And, based upon their requirements and needs, they can make use of the hosting which best match their needs.Two of the most popular hosting includes the Linux Hosting and the Windows server hosting. So, based upon the operating system used for developing the sites, you could go for either of these. Most of the servers make use of Linux Hosting because they are more reliable and secured.

It is more expensive than the shared hosting. Other than that, in the shared hosting, the service provider would be managing the server, installing the server software, provide security updates and technical support. Some of the features offered in shared hosting include: Also, if you wish to go for Linux hosting or Windows server hosting, we will be able to provide you both. Now, forget your worries and manage your website efficiently.

Windows server hosting

there are others who use the Windows server hosting and the choice is based upon the databases, programming languages and scripts being used. So, based upon the size of your site and the need for services, you can either go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting.For all your needs, you can approach us.For all your needs, you can approach us. We are the developers of websites and offer great Web design and web hosting services.

What we Do.

Other than the Operating systems, another choice which you will need to make during web hosting is regarding the type of hosting. Do you wish to go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting? As the name suggests, in the shared hosting, you would be sharing the web server space with other websites. And, if you go for the dedicated hosting, then you would be getting a dedicated server for your site.


Reseller Hosting Features

  • Support for web statistics
  • Installations of auto script
  • Updated and latest MySQL and PHP
  • Technical support services
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and email accounts
  • Web based control panel for managing the sites remotely in an efficient manner. There are IP-based and name-based web hosting control panels.
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Money back guarantee if you don’t feel satisfied.
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