Vulnerability Assessments and Security Hardening services

We provide installation, configuration and security hardening of all your virtual resources, including AD/DNS, SMTP management and System Center; then build and configure your network equipment, servers and other components including firewalls, switches, and SSL Appliance and log aggregation. Our engineers also perform equipment testing for connectivity and traffic filtering specific to your environment, and coordinate the installation of custom applications and configurations. . The default config of most operating systems are not designed with security as the primary focus. Instead, default setups focus more on usability, communications and functionality. To protect your servers you must establish solid and sophisticated server hardening policies for all servers in your organization. Developing a server hardening checklist would likely be a great first step in increasing your server and network security.

Server Security For Lowering Enterprise Risks

  • Emergency Helpline & Chat Support

    Eicra can suggest you for most complicated server issues quickly and reliably, thereby solving the issues over phone or chat.

  • Special Price for Yearly Quote offers special price for yearly quote. Yearly and further long term support plans offer great savings compared to monthly support plans.

  • Highly Secured Infrastructure

    Entry to premises is restricted using biometric access control. Facility is under video surveillance. Moreover, the client information are stored in the internal KB server which can be accessed only from private network.

  • Top-down security audits

    In periodic security audits, we systematically scan for vulnerabilities in the system and service settings. Anti-malware and rootkit detection tools are used to make sure the server is not infected in any way.

  • Services hardening

    Your server would ideally be configured for auto-updates. In servers where manual monitored updates are preferred, we periodically update server security patches, firewall rules, WAF rules, etc.

  • Security software setup

    Each server has a unique threat signature. During the security audit, most common attack patterns are identified and systems are implemented to effectively defend against all such attacks.

cPanel Server Hardening & Security Services

With eLite Server Management services, the fear of an infected server goes away completely. All you have to do is request our services. We take care of the rest. We are accustomed to all of the possible external negative encounters with a server. With keeping everything up-to-date, keeping those shields up are the main incentive here at eLite Server Management. Working round the clock for your safety, there is not one moment that slips us when it comes to server hardening.

  ServerSecure (Included) ServerSecurePlus
Firewall Protection
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection
Brute Force Detection
Secure cPanel and WHM
HTTP Intrusion Protection
Shell Fork Bomb
Basic PHP Hardening
Daily Security Audits
Disable Root FTP Access
Monthly Nessus Vulnerability Scans [also available separately]
Web Server & PHP Hardening
Advanced Server Exploitation Prevention
Bind security
System Priority Scheduler
Apache SSLv2,V3 protection
cPanel/whm SSLv2 protection
cPanel stunnel security
cPanel securing
Rkhunter installation
Chkrootkit installation
Modesecurity hardening
Exim.conf hardening
Malware Detection
ReCompile Apache PHP
sysctl.conf hardening
MySQL optimization
ClamAV Anti-Virus
Host.conf and sysctl.conf hardening
Securing /tmp , /var/tmp
Exploit Scan Service
Monthly Vulnerability Scans
Mod_Evasive - DDOS protection
CSF IPtables Firewall
COST per Month $49/mo $149/mo