If you have a real estate business to run and often find it difficult to manage its data, consider Eicra property listings software.
PHP Realestate Script Its core function revolves around managing your listings in an effective and convenient manner. Know that your job as a realtor would always require you to constant run about. This would also call for constant updates in your listing. For reasons such as these, our software would do you good. This would help you install the required data on your website. This in turn would not only help you look through your data efficiently but would help your customers informed as well.

The real estate management software is perfect for realtors renting or selling properties within and outside the country.

Feature-rich advance property management features

Apart from the listings alone, the software would help you list down its features as well. An example of which is the number of rooms available, if the apartment has a fireplace, etc. Know that even while you may have put up good information, it is extremely crucial to update pictures. Your customer would always want to look through the rooms and review other such features of the room. This software is certainly affordable (Only $249), you would not have to worry much about paying the same.

PHP Realestate Script

Quick Look

  • Property search with Buy, Sell, Location, Bedrooms etc
  • Upload Unlimited Number of Property with pictures, floor map, google map etc
  • Encrypted password, reduces all risk of password hacking.
  • Property review, Appointment booking, Share property to your friend
  • Highlight recent property in the home page
  • 100% dynamic CMS features allow you to add, edit and update page content
  • Latest news, image and feedback publishing
PHP Realestate Script

CMS based easy management

Eicra property listings software is the best, it reduces your work pressure and you can pay attention to other works. It is easy to operate so that you can simply manage your online real estate work. The installation of this script is not difficult and it can be done effortlessly. Once it gets installed in the computer you can begin your work without any delay. You can properly design your web portal. Our real estate classifieds PHP script has got a customize layout tool which you can make use of and sketch the layout of your web page. This tool is known as layout editor. This provides you with an opportunity to design your website in a manner you want it to appear to your customers. By doing this you can make it easily accessible for the users and ensure ease of operability. After designing the website, you can display the list of your homes, lands or plot along with its detail.

PHP Realestate Script

Property Listings software- ease your work

This real estate classifieds PHP script helps you in promoting your business online. It is a way to spread the word about your property dealing work among the masses. The more you make it promotional, the more deals you will get. Your business will be able to run efficiently by the increasing demand for homes or plots. Many people believe in investment and this is the reason why your business will never face any obstacle. All you need to do is manage it properly with the help of property listings software. It will make your site easy going for home buyers to search for their dream house.

It is very important to keep this work sorted out because a little chaos can cause grave problems. For this reason, it is essential to have property listings software like Eicra Real Estate. It has various features and you can do a lot of work with its help. You can operate the homepage by listing up contents and images of houses or land that is up for sale. You also get an option to upload videos if you want and manage them effectively. The options of rating, comments or voting can also be added to your website if you wish to get a feedback from your clients. It is the best software to run your business efficiently without any trouble. You can purchase it from any of the website as there are several of them on the internet.