Great post sales support

by M. Tajul
I'm extremely happy with this Travel reservation script after sales support. Mr. Maruf and Shameem was splendid indeed over their help desk support system. The average response time as really fast and caring. Great Job.

All in one place

by J. Norman
PhpHolidays is one of the massive extension which powers my business to lead the competition with my biggest competitors. My customers are really cool on checking their room availability & bookings based on room type. Reservation system designed with all capabilities specifically to add additional information makes more sense to my bookers.

APIs is really handy

by Rakib
I am using PhpHolidays since 2013 and still enjoying. Most of my business is coming from API affiliates through various brands. I am happy with this software and I believed I took a right decision buying it. Thanks once again for giving support on weekends as well.

GDS feature is needed

by Innovapyme
I have purchased PhpHolidays but later I get refunded. Actually I was looking for GDS feature. Please let me know when your plan for GDS integration ?

Splendid Job

by Mario
This is the first time I used mobile friendly online booking software in my site and I got my first booking through it the night it went live. I liked the software. I found it by typing in B to C booking software (or something) into Google and it came top of the search. Compared it to those 'cash back' , 'clone', 'plugin' software and decided to use it in preference. I believed it took a right decision and enjoy it. This guys are great. Great people with Great software.

Feature rich product

by Iakovlev
I have purchased PhpHolidays after reviewing many travel based web portal scripts. I would personally recommend this software because of two reasons. One is , It has many features among other travel software on the net, another is great customer care. I am planning to order for Eicra Real Estate Script in near future.

System Requirementst

by Mustafa
I am using Eicra Travel portal but after few months. When my clients start growing it becomes performing slower than earlier . Therefore I open support ticket seeking help. Mr. Pavel replied me to upgrade to VPS dedicated server for higher traffic. I am planning to upgrade but I wish if I could run this under shared server. Thanks you.