Linux and Windows Server Management Services

Eicra is a one-stop IT solution provider for Systems and Network Support Services ranging from Wintel to Sun Solaris and all kinds of network equipments. Our experienced team of IT engineers dedicate themselves proactively to ensure that the IT environment of our clients is well taken care of so that they can focus their time and energy in developing their core business. To make things worse, security threats typically put System Engineers under extreme time pressure as they typically have to react to the solutions before falling victim of the vulnerability.

At Eicra Soft Limited, not only do we subscribe ourselves to the Security Newsletters to obtain information on potential exploits or threats before the news become viral, our team is also actively participating in online security communities in getting the latest development of any threats, malicious program and malwares. Using the data from an industry-leading research vendor, we are able to conduct External Vulnerability Scanning (EVS) and Internal Vulnerability Scanning (IVS). A report summarising the vulnerability scanning shall be provided.

Windows & Linux Server Hardening with Managed Firewall for Intrusion Detection System.


Enterprise Scalled Security.

Safeguards critical and sensitive data from exposure with corporate security software blocking virus / malware / trojans.


Hosted Security Services.

Implementations and delivering managed hosted security services with routine monitoring, updates and patches.


Infrastructure Security.

Peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is immune to most malware, worms and any other security threats.

Server Data Protection, Hardening, Monitoring & Serviceguard Solution
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Scope of Infrastructure Security Service

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Windows & Linux Server Hardening

The one-time or periodic server hardening practice by us is based on a series of security checks, audit and implementation to protect your servers from possible cyber attacks. Web Application Firewall (WAF) allows us to inspect the content at the perimeter for incoming traffic that conform to the application functionalities (such as HTTP/HTTPS/SSL commands) and to stop malicious input parameters (such as SQL injection or execution of shell commands). Our Web Application Firewall supports any type of web site platform, such as WordPress / Joomla / Magento / Custom HTML and protects from security threats like Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection (SQLi), Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Remote File Inclusions (RFI), Local File Inclusions (LFI), Malicious post requests, Malformed cookie requests / headers, HTTP Denial of Service attacks (HTTP DoS), to name a few.

Professional Consulting Services,

We provide a range of consulting services to help you capitalize on the growth in Cloud Computing. Our first-hand experience of building and running a successful cloud infrastructure puts us in a unique position as business technologists, we can enable you to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business. By utilizing our Cloud Professional Services, clients can leverage a full set of infrastructure, platform and software services without the complexity of cloud multi-sourcing. Our skills cover the building of secure networks, managing complex application and database platforms and delivering wrap-around managed services, alongside our advisory and professional services. We also provide Professional post-incident investigation and restoration procedures to ensure peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is immune to most malware, worms and any other security threats

System Administration, Os Patching & Hardening

The security of your systems and networks needs to keep pace with your business initiatives. In today's world of online security threats and breaches, there needs to be a balance between access, security and control of your IT environment. Entrust Network Services will evaluate, design, integrate and deploy trusted and secure systems for you to ensure no breaches that is detrimental to your business will occur. Our system administration plans deliver professional and affordable server administration that you can rely on for help with security, updates, and routine patching, as well as application-level issues that affect your production. With a range of ad-hoc or monthly plans, our team of system administration professionals can assist in many business scenarios, from assistance with figuring out a specific server problem to if you just need to be freed up from performing simple upgrades or tasks.

Six Zone End-to-End Security

  • Security guards assigned at all entrances/exits
  • Mantraps at the entrance of the datacenter
  • Admin issued photo ID cards mandatory for employees
  • Limited access zone for a visitor (only till the reception area)
  • Entry into the data center area for selected IT personnel is permitted with escorts only
  • Zones in the facility are examined using system generated data that is monitored and captured constantly
  • Multiple levels of biometric access controls in the server area
  • Inclusions such as utility meters, chiller units, switch boards and individual power outlets monitor the machines
  • Robust facility with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire sprinklers