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Grab Now Our Outstanding ITO Services can help ITO outsourcing service providers enhance their service offerings to their clients while also increasing their revenue.

What if you offer your customers other outsourced IT services, such as engineering software license administration? You can provide this service to your client and earn income at the same time.

Using you can:

  1. Identify the organization’s engineering software license inventory
  2. Plan and schedule procurement activities in a timely manner
  3. Use usage reports to provide your customers
  4. Display live usage statistics
  5. Get alerts when the license manager server fails, for example
  6. Maximize user license ratio – adjust the number of licenses owned
  7. Produce more results with less time spent
  8. Reduce spending on expensive engineering software applications

Our ITO services give you the ability to offer a high return on investment to your customers and give you a competitive edge.

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Most Valuable 12 ITO Services For You

We use BPO and ITO to reduce costs, improve productivity, and

Concentrate resources on core operations.


We have the skills and expertise to assist your company in achieving its goals and objectives faster and with less risk. is a technology consulting firm that helps customers achieve their business goals via the use of technology.


We help global enterprises solve complex big data challenges. assists customers in defining their big data strategy and choosing the appropriate technology tools and processes to meet their strategic goals. Work with us and get best quality big data services.


Our team has experience handling data visualization projects for a range of industries. That experience enables us to back up the passion we have for what we do. Data visualization is a form of communication that portrays dense and complex information.


Our team of tax attorneys, income tax attorneys, tax professionals, tax representatives, and tax accountants provide you with the best taxation services in Bangladesh with the aid of International service solution.

ai implemention

Customer service has emerged as a primary differentiator in many industries. Many companies that produce expensive, complex, and critical equipment, such as industrial power equipment, heavy vehicles, systems.

data management

We have the expertise, knowledge, technology, and resources to meet any data management needs you may have, whether you are launching a multichannel campaign, acquiring new customers, growing your existing customer.

data entry

Our team of data entry professionals enables you to make informed decisions, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly, save money on data entry. The data management services offered by are best-in-class.

data mining

The information we extract will serve your marketing requirements based on our understanding of how your business uses information. The data will be selected for mining so that our staff can ensure it meets your marketing needs.

big data analytics

We at offer a full range of big data services, from consulting and strategy to support and infrastructure management, enabling our clients to gain insight from previously untapped data assets.

e commerce management

We have the best eCommerce Management team in the business. Our full-service Ecommerce outsourcing is available 24/7 to answer inquiries, manage orders, upsell and cross-sell products.

catalog management

We make it easy for you to maintain all relevant data with our catalog management services. The expertise of our multilingual data processing specialists makes us unique among the competition.

live chat management

The expert panel offers outsourced live chat support. Professionals from our team work throughout the day, including weekends and holidays, to ensure our customers’ inquiries.

FAQ For ITO Services

How do you implement a Managed Service and how long does it take?

Typically, a Managed Service will take somewhere in the range of 12 and 16 weeks to carry out. Execution is overseen by a committed venture supervisor who has liability regarding all work streams, including: measure plan, innovation, MI, invoicing, review and consistence, support providers, hazard the executives, progress the board, interchanges and preparing.

Does Eicra provide solutions to short-term/ ad-hoc projects?

Yes, our adaptability is reflected in our obligation to be deft in our way to deal with address explicit customer’s issues.

Which payment methods does Eicra offer?

You can pay through bank transfer and credit card through the website.

How will my project be handled if I outsource to Eicra?

There will be an appropriate change led from measure acclimation to archiving of SOPs upon project go-live. Assets sent are very much prepared and acclimate with the SOPs and cycles before on-boarding. Key Performance Index, SLA detailing and progressing gatherings will be directed to guarantee assumptions are conveyed and continuous improvement plan are executed.

How does Eicra nationwide coverage works?

We have devoted architects who will be dispatched nearby to key states and second layer of help by means of joint effort with accomplices to expand our help for different regions all through across the country.

Please let us know how we can help you ITO services.