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Experienced Team Can Professionally Manage Your Inbound And Outbound Calls.
Outbound Services for Call Center

With Our Outbound Services, You Can Reach Out To Clients With Minimal Spending


Eicra can be a reliable partner in ensuring your success with trusty outbound services. We deal with many business organizations as their “Growth” partner through our organized and dynamic outbound services. Our extensive outward knowledge and strong outgoing staff can ensure that you get the most out of your business while maintaining the highest level of service quality. Our services are adaptable and tailored to your individual requirements. We have the resources to execute a solution that not only satisfies your specifications but also your budget and business integrity, whether you’re a small non-profit or a large enterprise.

Customer Care Corroboration Services

Technical Assist Desk Services

Phone Answering Services

Voice Broadcast Services

Leads Generation Services

For almost a decade, Eicra Solutions has been a prominent provider of outbound services, serving the outgoing calling needs of global customers. We have a track record of providing excellent service to clients from all verticals and industries.

Serve Your Customers Well With Our Services

1. Telemarketing

We have a flamboyant and active staff to run outbound call center branding and promotion operations. We provide professional and well-trained telemarketing knowledge and agents who will assist you in reaching your target clients while respecting your privacy and security with cost down.

2. Outbound Sales

More sales equals more profit, and further profit equals more expansion!! If you put up the effort to push sell, your sales can be made in any way. However, you won't be able to maximize sales growth until you focus on the approach's quality. We will provide a quality-focused sales approach.

3. Collection Calls

Our outbound staff is highly equipped to provide all conceivable payment options, including bill collection, reminders, due/installment settlement. By outsourcing their collection process to our trusted team, banks, financial institutions, and insurance service providers can focus more on their core activities.

Our 3 Successful Outbound Service Process Help You To Grow Your Business


We have widespread experience in providing efficient outbound services to an extensive diversity to including:

Eicra.com is a leading web hosting company in Bangladesh.

Quality Controlled Outbound Services

1. Quality Controlled Outbound Services

Our quality-controlled outgoing call center services have the option of being used for both inbound and outbound services calls. We can call your customer and excerpt feedback for product optimization and we can also analyze your outward calls. The agents in our outgoing contact center will typically call the customer and provide them with the necessary information about the products or services.

Outbound Call Center Services Ensure

2. Call Center Services Ensure

Our outbound services of call centers ensure play an important role in business development. Stop consumption innumerable hours in outbound calls have our team make those calls for you. Whether you are looking to welcome new clients to your products and services, develop a recent event. By utilizing our outgoing call center services and we can assist you to maximize your results. We also provide inbound services.

delivery Outbound Services work solutions

3. Delivery Of Work Solutions

Outgoing communications such as forms, invoices, orders, and applications are critical to your business, but your delivery of work solutions is not always the best place for speed and proficiency. Our prerogative-pending knowing delivery solution works to automate your outbound mail and delivery and now your employees will receive mail in the right format regardless of physical location.

Our Outbound Services Increase Your Sales, Follow-Up Your Mails & Develop Good Customer Relationships

Small, large, and medium-sized businesses can find the ideal outsourcing partner using our smart outbound services. we can match each of our customers with the appropriate call center for their needs.


Best Technology


Greatest Market


Well - Structured


Call Scripts

Our Services Assist You Generate More Leads & Increase Your Revenue

Our corroboration team provides our clients and customers the aid they need through the expert services of our outbound call center services. At our outbound services call centers for the offshore business, we have trained our staff to specialize in marketing, sales, help, and leads providing upper service for you and your clients.

FAQ For Outbound Services

On what basis do you select outbound call centers for me?

Call center matching is based on your criteria. As a result, we only recommend providers who can meet the specifications you’ve specified for outbound services. This eliminates the need for a lengthy search and allows you to work immediately with a longlist.

How many languages do you support?

The majority of our outbound services clients are from English-speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, but we have a multilingual workforce that knows French, Spanish, German, English, and Dutch, among other languages.

Is there any training process underlined for your contact center agents?

Our contact center employees are well-versed in receiving calls and dealing with a variety of situations, but they are given a quick refresher before starting a new assignment about outbound services. Your website, product and service manuals, and past samples of your email contact with clients can assist them better understanding your firm and preparing for the launch.

Is my Data Secure if I outsource?

We never jeopardize the security of your data, credit card information, logins, and/or passwords, and have put in place strong data security procedures to protect your information’s complete confidentiality in our outbound services. Non-disclosure agreements are required of our employees, and any data security breach is harshly punished. With us, you can rest assured that your company will be safe.

We Offer World-Class Outbound Services Affordably & Successfully

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