The Php Holidays script is a CMS based web application. It is designed especially for Travel agencies & Tour operators company.

Our PHP travel web portal script helps travel sites of all kinds to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ease of doing the actual work. You can get this script up and running on your own page, too, in a way that suits your business’s individual needs. Have the price and features fit what your customers need and then enjoy the increased use, sharing, and profits.

People prefer the intuitive layout, the simplicity, and the general improved use that comes from such a script, and it is ready for anyone in the travel industry. It is set up with both website administrators and customers in mind, giving everyone what they want..

Classified Travel Hotel Tour booking software

This script gives you the opportunity to build a website specifically for travel.

Everything about it targets the travelers who want a positive user experience without sacrificing the options that they expect. Using this script for your own website will allow you to meet the expectations and standards of your audience while continuing to offer the same deals and options that you promise. It is an incredibly simple and effective script that anyone can use for booking hotels and flights as well as staying on top of various other parts of travel. It makes vacationing far easier.

When you streamline, clean up, and improve the website with this script, you can see some big returns coming your way. You are offering the type of website that people want nowadays, and you are giving it to them in a user-friendly package. After choosing the package and price that suits your business, you can put it into action. Your visitors will feel the difference immediately. New and old users, they will find the new set up easier to manage and use. It is easier to find the various parts of the website and it is easier to make use of what is available.

One could consider several advantages through this software. One would pertain to the availability. You may want to understand that your client would want to book his holiday as per his convenience. This could mean booking convenience at any time of the day or night. Through the help of this online travels tour operator software, you could make such booking available. This in turn would increase your sales. You may want to understand that you could receive much more sales online than otherwise. It certainly is cheaper and convenient. This would save on the individual's time and money. The most crucial of all lies in the payment. You could be assured of the payments system through the software.

  • Tour operators & Travel Agencies
  • Airlines & Air service operators
  • Hotels, Motels and Accommodation providers
  • Bus / Car Rental companies
  • many more.

One of the biggest advantages of the PHP travel web portal script is that you can start taking advantage of it almost immediately. It does not take long for your script to be ready, which means that you do not have to wait or put yourself through too much stress. That clean, intuitive design continues with the backend portion of the website and with the management in general. Keeping the site up and running successfully, and keeping everything in check, is not a major task at all thanks to how well everything is put together.


Availability of the flights on the desired date and time.
  • The air reservation apps offers the possibility to create an online system for payment and reservation of flights, which enables the web developer to provide the possibility to store information
  • Flight details such as time of departures, time of arrival, flight number, departure terminal and arrival terminal Choosing air routes and air lines according to the customer’s budget.
  • Search options depending on the customer’s holiday requirements
  • All the other important details such as date of booking, date of travelling, and customer code.
  • Facility to accommodate cancellation of booking, advanced bookings and accepting payments online from customers are easily available. In a way, travel scripts are a complete game changer of the domain Air Travel tour and Flight booking software.
  • With its air travel reservation module, this flight booking software also integrates customized API into the agency’s website and allows a customized payment gateway through Paypal, payza, stripe 2co etc.
  • Room Bookings are made depending on whether the passenger is an adult, infant or a child. When this script is used to code your website, it makes it much easier to have a fully functioning website that can be very easy for the customers to navigate through.
  • It also allows the admin to take care of technical glitches if any while enabling the user to customize his website while still sticking to a standard set of provisions which a flight booking website must have.

The most amazing thing about this air reservation module is that it allows anybody to create his/her own travel websites in a matter of minutes. If you already have a travel website then, this software now provides an option to integrate a flight booking and reservation system into it. It does not require any kind of technical expertise from the user. The software also allows travel agents and customers alike to update reservation information by logging on to your website. Creating websites which help tour operators and travel agents without too much of technical expertise is not a very difficult task especially with the introduction of Travel Script