Air and Overseas Cargo Freight - Transport Services Rate Quote The latest and most important application today is the Cargo Freight software.
Freight Logistic Software The latest and most important application today is the Cargo Freight software. Why should you be using them? They offer a complete set of features rich in CMS Driven web application for the purpose of Freight Forwarding Ocean Import, Pickup & Delivery, Domestics Freight, Air Import, Freight Logistics Service and Export import industry, etc. Their web application offers a full feature content management system also known as CMS for everyone who wants a professional online global presence that is convenient to maintain.The state-of-the-art structure of a Eicra Cargo Freight Scruot system offers a high security standard, which allows you to develop SEO (search engine friendly) websites that are easily accessible even for individuals with disabilities

Furthermore, it is possible to expand this system inexpensively and flexibly. It offers convenient management of the rights of users; the modern CSS framework, the Live Update Service, php Cargo Logistics script and many other integrated modules such as the news, forms, calendar, etc. These awesome features have quickly transformed this company into one of the most preferred systems on the freight forwarding and Freight Logistics industry.Such companies offering these services develop with the aim focusing on core business after performing extensive and wide research analysis on the concepts of Freight Logistics and related to freight forwarding business sector. It is a Content Management System (CMS) and a great php Cargo Logistics script platform for building different websites and website applications.

Core Features

The platform is also perfect for small and large-scale projects alike.

Extremely easy content production

Freight Logistic Software

This software is designed with the aid of non-technical content editors. All of your department members, even with meager knowhow of word processing can easily create the content. No HTML or programming skills are whatsoever required. Not even Web designers or programmers are needed for small modifications - you are now in control of your website completely.

Search Engine Optimize (SEO

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You can successfully search engine optimize your website for top search engines such as Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo by simply making use of URLs that are known for being SEO-friendly and adding custom meta tags for your car listing page(s).

Navigation is automatically generated

Freight Logistic Software

Menus are generated automatically based on the database content. All URLs are rewritten in a clear and readable way.

Multiple Languages

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Making use of the auto classifieds listing script can help you add multiple languages (i.e. English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese etc) to your auto dealer website. As the administrator, you can easily edit, alter text titles, buttons etc.


Freight Logistic Software

You can choose from different front-end layouts which may be available by default with a good quality dealer script. You can even choose to personalize it further through PHP and CSS.

Configurable access restrictions

Freight Logistic Software

Users of the Cargo logistics software are assigned roles and permissions that prevent them from touching content in which they are not authorized to change.