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The purpose of this guide is to outline the various work visa programs that Bangladesh offers for foreign working professionals and entrepreneurs. Bangladesh has become an ideal business and business center in Southeast Asia, partly because its innovative immigration policies are designed to attract experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world.

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Error-Free Application Process

The way toward getting a work visa grant in Bangladesh is somewhat straightforward. The application structure can be discovered online on the site for the Department of Immigration and Passports in Bangladesh. In the wake of rounding out and presenting an online visa application structure, the candidate should print out a duplicate of the finished structure. Candidates should then visit the Bangladeshi government office or department in their nation, bringing the finished visa application structure encased with the entirety of the necessary reports recorded in the past area.

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Other Important Considerations for Obtaining a work permit and work visa in Bangladesh. A portion of your organization’s representatives may wish to carry relatives alongside them to Bangladesh, particularly on the off chance that you are intending to move existing colleagues. Mates and wards should present the very reports that are needed for a work visa (other than the letter of arrangement from the business and the proposal letter from BEPZA/BOI). Moreover, they should give vital letters or confirmations on the side of their relationship to the worker, for example, a marriage permit or birth declaration.

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Obtaining a work permit in Bangladesh is probably the most convenient and valuable way for charming tourists to enjoy the country’s many promising attractions while immersing themselves in the exotic and gorgeous Bangladeshi culture without worrying about visas or time.


What Does It Allow?


The work permit allows you to work and conduct business in Bangladesh as a skilled professional or even as an employer. A work permit is required to legally work in Bangladesh. Working without a Bangladeshi work permit can have serious consequences.


Bangladesh is quite possibly the most thickly populated nations on the planet. The nation’s wellbeing and schooling have seen critical improvement as of late, which has driven a few organizations to consider Bangladesh as an expected area for worldwide development attempts.


In the event that your organization is intending to extend or re-appropriate tasks to Bangladesh, you’ll need a talented group of workers ”” regardless of whether that implies migrating existing colleagues from your organization’s nation of beginning or employing new team individuals abroad.

Bangladeshi Visa and Work permit Process

Before you can apply for or obtain a work permit, you must first obtain a non-immigrant visa. This is necessary to apply for a work permit. Ideally, it should be obtained before you arrive in Bangladesh. We can help you get it in your home country or a country close to Bangladesh. In addition, we can help you convert a tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa without leaving Bangladesh, but this conversion process may take up to 1 or 2 months.

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To acquire a work visa in Bangladesh, representatives should give the accompanying:

  1. A finished visa application structure
  2. A letter of arrangement from the business in Bangladesh
  3. A unique visa that is substantial for at least a half year
  4. A duplicate of a new visa photograph
  5. Verification of installment of the visa expense
  6. A letter of proposal from the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and the Board of Investment (BOI)
  7. On the off chance that the representative might want their visa to be returned by means of post, they should likewise give a self-tended to, prepaid envelope.

Work Permit Issued By BIDA

Private area industrial enterprises, branch office, liaison/representative office wanting to utilize unfamiliar nationals are needed to apply to BIDA in their recommended from. While giving work grant, BIDA generally follows the accompanying rules:


  • A choice of the top managerial staff of the concerned organization for new work/business expansion is to be outfitted for each situation
  • Just nationals of nations perceived by Bangladesh are considered for business.

Acknowledge You With 5 Types Of Visa In Bangladesh

There are many types of visa for visitors to Bangladesh, including:

Government Delegates Visa0%
Personal Idea0%
Investor Visa0%

1. Tourist visa

2. Student visa

3. Journalist visa

4. Business visa

5. Employement visa

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Diplomatic Visa/Official Visa

Note Verbal or official letter from the concerned Government/Embassy/Office/Organization;

  1. Two duplicates of 45mm X 35mm photos;
  2. Appropriately filled-in visa application structure
  3. Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is needed for the Exemption of the Visa expenses for the authority visits

NGO visa

A confirmed letter from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh which ought to be appropriately validated by the NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka;

  1. An arrangement letter with full agreements from the NGO where the candidate will join
  2. A letter from the current manager where the candidate has a place with;
  3. Two duplicates of 45mm X 35mm photos;
  4. Appropriately filled-in visa application structure.
  5. Proposal letter from the association

Extension of Visas

Visas can be reached out after appearance in Bangladesh. For subtleties, kindly contact Department of Immigration and Passports, Dhaka.

FAQs for Work Visa

How you can renew work visa?

Job authorization in Bangladesh  allows to keep in mind that your work visa is only valid for one year. However, you can apply for a renewal work visa as early as 180 days (6 months) before your current one expires.

What is minimum number of hours per week in order to obtain an employment permit?

Those who are applying for work permits under Employment Permit Acts must work at least 48 hours a week. Here, in a week maximum of 20 hours can be worked by all types of job permits meeting all the requirement. The agreed annual remuneration is still paid.

What is the maximum validity of work permit?

The work permit’s maximum validity (and the highest period for which it can be extended under this program) is four years.

Can I change my service work visa if i am currently holding one employer?

A present staff or worker is not restricted from changing employers after 12 months if they have a valid employment license. To initiate employment with the new company, a new job permit is required for employer.

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