Cyber Security Solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Eicra Soft Limited has created niche in the field of providing Cyber Security Services and solutions for all industry verticals. With a team of highly skilled, certified IT security professionals on staff, we offer a full range of consultancy on a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. These services are rendered by skilled professionals with the help of modern and sophisticated technology in accordance to the industrial standards and norms. Cyber Security Services are provided within the stipulated frame of time in an efficient manner and maximum efficiency. These services are widely appreciated amongst the valuable customers.

Services include:
  • Cyber security policy and standard operating procedures development.
  • Cyber security architecture design
  • Cyber security operations management
  • Website code security review
  • Computer security incident response
  • Vulnerability analysis and Penetration Testing
  • Security risk assessment

Risk and ComplianceTo ensure security across your enterprise

Securing EnterpriseExperts in Securing Your Enterprise

Continuity PlanBusiness impact and risk analysis, continuity planning

Protect & Monitorend-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring


Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting.

Connect with cyber security experts,Discover job opportunities,Online Training, Information Security Advisory and lot more.

As a team of professional strategists, Security Engineers and Information Security Managers we excel at applying the right plan and technology to achieve your business objectives but we also love that we get to implement best security solution and great Audit work in the process.

With the increased threat of cyber attacks, it is essential to manage the security of applications and systems in depth so that you can detect vulnerabilities as early as possible. It is far less costly to remove a critical vulnerability before a service goes live than after it has been launched.

Server Hardening Service.

Server hardening to protect your reputation and customer loyalty.

As the term Server Hardening implies, it means that taking a soft surface or a server which is not immune to attacks and making changes to the surface of the server so as to make it hard and stronger so that no outer force can penetrate the server surface. Harden servers are more secure and resist the unwanted security issues.