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The Category Management Service Solution To Make Your Business Successful 


Eicra offers a systematic approach to category management services in which businesses divide their spending into categories. We provide category management services for items that are similar or related, allowing for consolidation and efficiency potential. Our experts has immense experience in all domains including the category management service.

Our management technique includes the separation of direct and indirect items or services. We deal with segmenting items or services based on their value, supplier, kind, or volume. Our category management solution allows procurement experts to focus their time and undertake market study in order to fully utilize their negotiations. The procurement’s category management  purpose is observed to touch the top and the bottom line extensively in relation to the corporate growth.

Eicra Gives You The Category Management Support And Ensures The 6 Best Services For You 

1. Supply Market Intelligence

Our category management provide your company with a substantial competitive edge by providing timely access to correct information, which is critical in sourcing.

Cutting-edge Technology
2. Contract Management

Our contract specialists work with procurement and legal teams, as well as suppliers, to expedite the process and obtain the best contractual terms possible.

10+ Years Experience
3. Category Planning

Eicra's category management solution provides a clear, solid planning and budgeting procedure that serves as the foundation for opportunity evaluation important for commodities like raw materials.

Information Security
4. Supplier Performance Management

Our team assists businesses in efficiently managing their suppliers, with a focus on reducing risk and increasing value and combine analytical prowess and process excellence.

Specialists Only
5. Tail Spend Management

Our world-class sourcing and transaction management of category management service skills employ tried-and-true cost-cutting strategies to provide long-term outcomes.

All day, every day Support
6. Continuous Improvement

To deliver category-specific cost-saving initiatives, Eicra combines deep category experience, strategic sourcing best practices with modern category management solutions.

More Solutions For Category Management Services Of Our Company

With Eicra soft Ltd, category management aids in the organization of procurement resources and adds to economies of scale and improved supplier relationships, all while acquiring a thorough grasp of how each category contributes to risk management. Our management consultants are commodities and materials experts who are well knowledgeable about the unique needs and problems of several worldwide markets. Our market-leading management service  of category is built on knowledge exchange.

  • Item Data Entry
    1. Saving and Compliance Tracking

    Eicra's savings and compliance tracking services provide you access to a comprehensive, completely customizable procurement dashboard with total insight.

  • List Management
    2. Category Management Training

    We improve your understanding of category management services and how to apply them to get the greatest results.

  • List Management
    3. Prioritise

    In the case of our services, our organization constantly sets clear objectives to make assessing outcomes easier.

  • Web Solution
    4. Cost Saving Opportunities

    Our company's category management service allows you to get insight by using the skills and experience of the category managers.

We will act as extended hands to your in-house personnel, delivering management assistance and administrations to you. We will do each task with more precision and save you time by utilizing the latest technology. Our web-based company re-appropriating arrangements ensure that you have enough time to handle the essential business tasks without compromising back-end competence.

When it comes to strategic business planning, our company’s category management comes in helpful by aligning particular strategic goals to strategic objectives. If a mining business plans to grow operations in the next three years, for example, our category management solution in heavy machinery and equipment allows the firm to select suppliers and capital in advance, resulting in a more streamlined approach. Any company may benefit greatly from using category management as one of its best procurement practices since it can decrease supply chain risk. The supervisors would just act as intermediaries. Unlike larger enterprises, you may have enough workers to have a stable position. In this way, your company is succeeding in tying down client responsibilities.


Our category management solution may also help a company promote innovation in many supply chain categories. Our knowledge makes it easy for our clients to pick our services.


Eicra Soft. Ltd’s allows a company to obtain a thorough grasp of each provider. The operational risks associated with a provider may then be used to compare to other suppliers in the category and sub-category.


Supply agreements, master agreements, and statements of work may all be executed smoothly with the help of our professionals. This not only reduces the time it takes to conclude a contract, but it also helps to mitigate risk by allowing category managers to focus their attention on higher-volume expenditure.

The economies of scale are brought in via strategic sourcing. The category manager selected by us might provide bigger volumes or a broader scope of work to suppliers by purchasing for the long term in multiple product categories. This saves time by eliminating the need for repeated transactional purchases. It also gives you the ability to bargain for lower costs.

The categories should be examined at regular intervals, the timing of which depends on the nature of the industry. Our company’s procurement function is always changing, thus a category that was important at the start of a period may become outdated, non-critical, or shift from direct to indirect. We find out all these issues through analysis.

There are several items to manage and create, as well as regulatory tasks to do. There are also fake requests, illegal purchases, stock shortages, and request preparation issues. Furthermore, as the number of category management service stages grows, there is a fierce competition to provide the finest  service.


Our company’s market intelligence and compliance solution providers give businesses an advantage by providing procurement data relevant to their supplier markets, allowing them to make more educated sourcing decisions and accelerate their category management cycle. Eicra specializes in aiding category managers at all stages of the procurement lifecycle to develop a strategic spend management approach that leads to winning category strategies and execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process your company's category management services?

There are several approaches to creating a category strategy, but here are some issues and considerations.

  1. Definition
  2. Spend analysis
  3. Market analysis
  4. Improvement
  5. Continuous application

What are the benefits one can get from Eicra's category management service?

We concentrate on determining the market potential, developing a business case to kickstart the process of developing the best solution to fulfill the customer’s demands, and developing a marketing strategy for the product. The goal of marketing efforts is to raise product recognition, distinctiveness, and demand.

How do you perform the pre-requisite for category management services?

  1. An examination of the strategic objectives of an organization.
  2. Connecting sourcing to these objectives.
  3. Pricing analysis for both domestic and foreign markets has been updated.
  4. A new comparison between organizational spending and market data.
  5. Data about supplier performance.

What can be achieved from your company's category management services?

It gets you:

  1. A study of the strategic objectives of an organization.
  2. Creating a link between sourcing and these objectives.
  3. Local and foreign market price analysis has been updated.
  4. An updated comparison of corporate spending and market statistics.
  5. Information on how well suppliers perform.

What makes your category management services successful?

Effective category management includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Relationship management with suppliers
  2. Evaluation and appraisal of suppliers
  3. Communication that incorporates soft skills
  4. External influences, market analysis, and competitive forces
  5. Identification and management of stakeholders
  6. Ethical/sustainable procurement
  7. Team management and leadership

Thus these strategies help our company to make it successful for category management services.

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