HR Outsourcing Proposal

HR Outsourcing Proposal

Your Challenges

1. Are you aware that HR-related issues require more attention?

2. But do you find it difficult to just hire HR personnel?

3. Do you observe that your HR staff members are mostly involved in administrative HR tasks?

instead of concentrating on those crucial concerns that will provide strategic value to your company?

How we can help

No matter the size or field of expertise, human resource management is a problem for all organizations. Your most valuable asset, your people, needs to be taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. EicraBD may be your partner in this endeavor.

You can benefit from our HR Outsourcing services at EicraBD Consulting. You can choose between two possibilities:

  • HR Process outsourcing 
  • People Outsourcing


You can decide to outsource every aspect of your HR function, including hiring, administration of HR, payroll, and advisory services, in addition to performance management. As an alternative, we can modify our services to meet your needs particularly and offer the following:

1. Selection, evaluation, and recruitment

2. Education and Training (L&D)

3. Payroll and benefits management

4. Development of employment contracts and management of the entire employment lifecycle

5. Performance administration

6. Privileges and advantages

7. Complying with employment law regulations 

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