The AzuwaB2B Script assists website owners in developing one of the best customer-centric B2B Trading Portal.

The script helps webmasters to manage all functionalities in just one box. AzuwaB2B is advanced B2B Trading Marketplace Script which assists clients to start B2B Trading Portal Online independently. These scripts are developed in MySQL and PHP database for helping clients with a ready-made business to business trading portal software. This B2B software has helped several global portals to manage their online transactions with efficiency. Clients can now store loads of data on their site, which can be managed with ease from back-end administrator panel for Site Administrator. Several of client's have gone global by using B2B script to their advantage. The script offers user friendly solutions to clients in developing their business site and making it customer-centric. Eicra Soft Limited offers AzuwaB2B Script to all its customers, be it small companies or mid-sized enterprises. This B2B trading software for marketplace classifieds comes with a series of benefits that can help businesspersons a great deal. Obtaining leads are the best way by which organizations can improve their functionality. It is just one of the many advantages of using this software..

Key Features to keep you one step ahead

The Php based B2B Scripts Being extremely search engine friendly, B2B Trading Marketplace Script from AzuwaB2B also has the potential to increase search engine ranking of client websites. Generation of traffic on to the client's website is another such avenue which is well tapped by B2B Trade Listing Software. The software is endowed with search and shorting algorithm which possesses the ability to manage significant listings in the shortest span of time. It has provided clients with flexibility to customize their business credentials and connect with small and medium-sized suppliers and buyers prevailing on the global platform. The script has back office application helping webmasters to have full control over the website technicalities. Webmasters can provide better structure management, use templates and server side forms with ease. Administrators can get detailed statistics of the revenue earned and the traffic that has been converted into members. AzuwaB2B offers one of the best PHP / Mysql based B2B Script to cater to all site owners and the clients who want to venture into B2B portal. Implementing the script can provide clients a fully customized platform. Clients can incorporate the best technicalities without having to hire any specialized staff and team for managing their business online. With B2B Trading Marketplace Script from AzuwaB2B, webmasters can manage all admin tools in one box.

Power of PHP / MySql

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Another attraction such companies offer is the Landing Page, which is actually the gateway to other tabs or pages. The design aims to grab the attention of visitors, making them think that is the one which they have been search for. All the information is accessible through landing page, be it offers, special deals, bio date of company, contact info, receiving inquiry and a lot more.

It is a known fact that developing marketplace software from scratch is a daunting task. The entire process requires a great level of commitment and research to receive the desired outcome. In addition, businesses even need an energetic outreach program that encourages sellers and buyers to enlist with them. The B2B trading marketplace software presents an efficient source in the form of a ready-to-go platform where communications with other businesses can be initiated conveniently. All that an individual is required to do is order the software, install and set it up for further use.

Company landing site (storefront)

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One of the most significant aspects of AzuwaB2B Script is each members will have a landing store page designed with respective logo, company name and membership information. It’s more like a storefront page where a company or members can publish their profile, products, offers, contact info, receive inquiry and many more.

We are constantly upgrading the storefront page to look more features rich so that, it would looks like an full featured landing websites under your domain. This creates values to your customer and allows you to get better SEO attention seems like you host many landing sites under your own B2B marketplace.

Benefits of B2B marketplaces

Marketplace B2B Trade Script

When it comes to buyers, they can benefit in two different ways from B2B marketplaces. First and foremost, their efficiency increases radically. By using this software, they can effectively mechanize their purchases and in the process, reduce their dependability on paperwork. Businesses, on the other hand, can delegate the purchasing activities towards their customers and reduce their time between order placement and delivery. Requesting quotes and bids from different sources becomes easier for the buyers, as they can process a petition by issuing a single request than approaching individual traders separately. Cost savings is another advantage that they can incur by directing purchases with this super B2B trading marketplace script.

Revenue Sharing Script

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AzuwaB2B has come up with great potential in marketing and promotional techniques, resulting in high revenue generations. Classified B2B Scripts is a huge part of its existence, which has succeeded through expedient and competent features that advertise companies, make them configurable and take them to highest levels of success. Everything under one roof, Classified also calls for unlimited merchant accounts, which welcome a huge amount of membership packages that manage e-commerce functionality and strategize for the upcoming competitions.

Classified ads always come in handy, especially when they focus on boosting the sales of a product or a service. For this reason, B2B sourcing companies (that rely on B2B Marketplace Classifieds Trading Script) get acknowledgement for best tracks for selling and buying leads in the industry.

True BtoB Marketplace Software

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When it comes to B2B trading marketplace script, a person needs to take certain key factors into consideration. This will aid in making the correct decision and help provide an excellent trading experience to the buyers, sellers, and traders. Firstly, the script has to offer the feature of customization. It presents the opportunity to give it an attention grabbing appearance. This is achieved by making minor changes in the settings of this tool. This B2B script is bound to facilitate in making a clone of any website. This tool provides the support to have a web portal similar to any of the top web portals.

The personalized touch will be visible to make the look impressive with a host of exceptional features.
AzuwaB2B trading marketplace script enables to have a full control on the content. The category hierarchy can be displayed in impressive pictorial presentation. People can also search any information on the portal based on categories, keywords, countries, posting dates and other relevant keywords. The product listing is available with a responsive presentation. This is bound to provide the right impetus in meeting the SEO requirements. A visitor will definitely find it easier to navigate and acquire the details. There is no harm in taking the professional aid to create a B2B website. They can speed up the entire procedure and deliver a good quality service in a timely manner. This can result in saving substantial amount of time and keep the overall expenses in check.

No more Cloning, It’s an unique idea.

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Unlike others, we avoid the concept of more cloning or coping concept from others portal. We “Think different” something like unique from anyone has ever introduced before you. AzuwaB2B is an unique and proprietary web portal script focusing on B2B marketplace which has it's own feature list and functionalities. AzuwaB2B is a unique Marketplace Classifieds Trading Script has specialized in converting the traffic into advertisements, testimonials, reviews and other classifieds that could enhance the traffic and the revenue generation of your site ultimately. Marketing, branding and other classified tools help increasing the sales as these scripts are designed according to meet the needs of the clients.

AzuwaB2B web portals script are developed focusing of core BtoB, BtoC and CtoC business concept after doing extensive research and analysis on online b2b market place. The application’s business logic is heavily focused to its own platform. Therefore we neither looks like others application nor anybody’s web application would like ours.

Security Enhanced

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We understand that, B2B web portal is one of the most favorite places for spammers where security and spam protection is extremely important. Keeping the security aspect in our mind, we have added extra layer of control to allow IPv4 and IPv6 based access permission.

Furthermore, with the power of built-in ACL based access permission system, you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. Powered by IpLock plugin, you can prevent accessing from configurable IP addresses. This plugin, off course, can be turned on or off in back-end.

B2B Marketplace Classifieds Trading Script

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The Application has in built voting extension that lets users vote/un-vote on items on your product and service. It is surprisingly easy to administrate as well as user friendly to visitor. Unlike other voting components, what makes it stand out is that it lets users un-vote (or cancel vote) - just like YouTube or Reddit or StackOverflow among many other web-applications. It is also a great way for your visitors to talk about their own personal experiences with companies, hotel, property agent or even the local handyman. The script from AzuwaB2B offers clients to build promotion and marketing campaigns the way they choose to. The script creates a great earning potential for clients by making the site fully tailor-made, through incorporation of suitable colors and graphics in it. With this B2B Portal Software, clients have loaded a lot of functionalities into their business website. AzuwaB2B has 'My Account' Section which the members can utilize to keep track of all their sell leads and buying leads. The script makes networking very easy, wherein members can contact other members and the buyers can co-ordinate with the sellers and so on.